How To Create a Great Holiday Card with Minted

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Halloween is over and the holiday season has started! From November 1st until into the New Year – I'm all joy and light and sparkle all the freaking time, y'all. I love Thanksgiving. I love Christmas. I love New Year's. I love all the holiday cheer in between. So it should come to no surprise to any of you that I've already got my holiday card squared away! It turned out amazing and I think that you'll enjoy learning how to create a great holiday card with Minted.

How To Create a Great Holiday Card with Minted #DIY #holidaycard #Christmascard #holiday #Christmas #stationery

Last year, I received complimentary holiday cards from Minted and loved them so much that when they offered them again – I jumped! Not only are Minted's designs gorgeous but they are printed on the thickest paper. I also love that they offer coordinating envelopes, return address printing, AND FREE RECIPIENT PRINTING. Like, FREE free. Minted will address your envelopes FOR YOU at no charge. I feel like I cannot shout this loud enough for all my fellow slacker moms out there.

My very favorite thing about ordering my holiday cards from Minted is that I can choose from a HUGE selection of designs and colors. So huge, that it can get a little bit overwhelming. So many choices, so little time, right? But honestly, it's really, really easy if you know a few tricks. So easy, in fact, that Melanie chose the design for this year's cards! Really!

How To Create a Great Holiday Card with Minted #DIY #holidaycard #Christmascard #holiday #Christmas #stationery

First, take a cute picture. CLEARLY, my kids are 99.9% of the reason that this image is so adorable but, in case yours aren't as cute (wink), here's a couple of tips to help you get that great shot. First, use natural light – the best place for nearly everyone to snag that gorgeous soft light is on a covered front porch (or similar). The cover diffuses the light and you'll have truer colors with less harsh shadows. Next, dress your subjects in neutrals with pops of color. For example, my kids wore soft greens and greys but with bright red and yellow coats. Finally, lower your expectations of The Perfect Picture – it's not gonna happen. Instead of posing your kids and asking them to smile and look at the camera (coughcoughatthesametimecoughcough), have them DO something like hold hands, jump, or kiss. It will make for a more natural looking photo.

How To Create a Great Holiday Card with Minted #DIY #holidaycard #Christmascard #holiday #Christmas #stationery

Now you get to design your Minted card! This is the fun part. Just follow this link and it will take you right to the holiday card options. Now, click the green “Show With My Photo” button on the left hand side and upload your image so you can see how every single card option with your picture on it. How cool, right? Then, you can use the search options along the top to narrow down your choices by sizes, theme (New Year's, Christmas, religious, etc.), number of photos, printing type, style, and more! After I plugged in my selections, I was left with roughly 200 choices – and all were great!

How To Create a Great Holiday Card with Minted #DIY #holidaycard #Christmascard #holiday #Christmas #stationery

Nearly every card has multiple color options and edge styles (rounded corners, scalloped, square, and more) so if you see one that you like, but aren't fond of the colors, then click through and see how the card would look in another scheme. At this time, you can also select your paper type, desired quantity, and size. Now, it's time to personalize it.

If you haven't already, this is the time to upload your photo. Also, all cards allow you to edit (and even remove) the text on the card in this section. Once you've completed that, you'll move on to selecting the back of the card. Tons of options here – blank, solid color, or a pattern. You can even choose from a variety of text and pictures – I love the “Family Infographic” one because it's like including a mini newsletter on your card.

How To Create a Great Holiday Card with Minted #DIY #holidaycard #Christmascard #holiday #Christmas #stationery

Now it's time to work on the outside of the card – the envelopes. Lots of envelope types to choose from and you can upgrade and add envelope liners, too! I went with the speckletone kraft envelope and a coordinating patterned liner for my card. It's here that you'll add your pre-printed return address and your FREE recipient addressing (F R E E, y'all). Choose your design and then manually (or automatically import) addresses into Minted‘s system. You'll also have the option to create custom stamps to match your cards!

Proof your card draft and then pick one of two Minted proofing options – a free digital proof via email or an in-hand proof for a fee. If everything looks great and you're happy with your options – PLACE YOUR ORDER. See? It's really easy and fun to design and order your Minted holiday cards. I just love mine and cannot wait until they land in my loved one's mailboxes!

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