The Cutest Pineapple Stuff for Kids on Amazon Right Now

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Are you like me? I'm IN LOVE with my Amazon Prime account and how much easier it makes my life. I can get everything I need with the click of a button and I get to snap up some adorable goodness for my littles from the comfort of my couch (sans pants – I'm being real with y'all). It's like, the WINNIEST of win/win situations. I know I'm waxing poetic about something ridiculous but I was thinking the other day how awesome it is that I can see something cool on Instagram or in a magazine then just toss right over to Amazon and Prime it. Take pineapples. They are SUPER popular right now and I was wanting to get my hands on a little P-appy (street for Pineapple) cuteness for Melanie and Finn. And OMG, y'all have GOT to check out the cutest pineapple stuff for kids on Amazon right now!

The Cutest Pineapple Stuff for Kids on Amazon Right Now

Pineapple Halter Neck Swimsuit ($2.99) // Rosie Pope Pineapple Crib Show ($16.95) // Inflatable Pineapple Float ($29.99) // Personalized Pineapple Pillowcase ($14.99) // Pineapple Sippy Cup ($5.52) // Pineapple Light Up Marquee Sign ($10.99) // Pineapple T-Shirt ($28.00) // Pineapple Changing Pad Cover ($30.00) // Pineapple Reef Flip Flops ($10.92) // Pineapple Headband ($2.99) // Pineapple Swim Trunks ($14.99) //  ($) // Pineapple Muslin Swaddle Blanket ($10.00) // Pineapple Baby Bandanna Bibs ($15.00) // Pineapple Kitchen Timer ($7.99)

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