Fun Outfits For Your Disney Park Family Photo Shoot

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So, I've been getting so much positive engagement on all of my Instagram posts that feature my little family photo shoot while we were at Disneyland. So many of you want to know how we did it and how I coordinated our outfits for the photo shoot.

Here's my tips on how we did it. Today, I'm sharing some tips and suggestions on choosing fun outfits for your Disney park family photo shoot!

First, check out my suggestions for three differently themed family outfits (Dad, Mom, Daughter, Son) as consideration for your upcoming shoot:

Tips and suggestions on choosing fun outfits for your #Disney park family photo shoot! Three differently themed family outfits (Dad, Mom, Daughter, Son) for your upcoming shoot! #dsmmc #tmom

Themed Disney Park Family Photo Shoot Outfits:

Dad: Mickey Ears // White T-Shirt // Jeans // Flip Flops
Mom: Minnie Ears // White T-Shirt // Denim Skirt // Flip Flops
Son: Mickey Ears // White T-Shirt // Jean Shorts // Flip Flops
Daughter: Minnie Ears // White T-Shirt // Denim Skirt // Flip Flops

Casual Disney Park Family Photo Shoot Outfits:

Dad: “Lion King” T-Shirt // Brown Shorts // Red Converse Shoes
Mom: “Black Panther” T-Shirt // Denim Shorts // Purple Converse Shoes
Son: “Captain America” T-Shirt // Brown Shorts // Blue Converse Shoes
Daughter: Minnie and Daisy T-Shirt // Polka Dot Shorts // White and Pink Converse Shoes

Formal Disney Park Family Photo Shoot Outfits:

Dad: Suit Jacket // Dress Shirt // Suit Pants // Necktie // Dress Loafers
Mom: Fancy Minnie Ears // Flounced Dress // Black Heels
Son: Vest // Dress Shirt // Suit Pants // Necktie // Dress Shoes
Daughter: Tulle Dress // Minnie Ears // Pink and Rhinestone Sandals

So fun, right?!?! I really love it when families coordinate and aren't too matchy-matchy for their photo shoots. I mean, you wanna show off those different personalities, right?

Here's my tips for getting your family's outfits together for your Disney park family photo shoot:

Tip #1

Choose 2-3 outfits per person TOPS. Honestly, changing into each outfit is THE MOST stressful and time-consuming part of any photo shoot so keep the hysterics down by only changing 2-3 times.

I like having rough themes in mind when planning each set of outfits. For example, I like to do a themed one (with everyone wearing the same color tops and bottoms and some ears), a casual one (Disney themed T-shirts optional), and one formal one (with fancy dresses and suits).

You'll need to pick whatever themes work best for your family but narrowing them down really helps when planning outfits.

Tip #2

Keep it simple – REALLY simple. Now is not the time for multiple outfits with different undergarments or layers of accessories. That's just time-consuming and stressful.

Make sure everyone has a top, bottom, and shoes/socks – then choose TWO (and only two) accessories per outfit. Trust me on this. Just trust me.

Tip #3

Scope out the bathrooms beforehand. Know what bathrooms you want to get changed in and plan accordingly.

I like to pick bathrooms with lots of larger stalls (so there's room for me and the kids together) and close to my main location must haves (i.e. the couple of spots in the park where I really, really want a picture taken).

Tip #4

Stay organized. The smartest thing I did for our last Disney park photo shoot was to pack each set of outfits in it's own bag (i.e. all the fancy dress outfits where in one bag while all the outfits for in front of the castle were in another bag).

This really helped to speed things up and elevate stress since I could just grab whatever bag had the outfits for the next set of shots without dumping all our clothes out on the ground.

If you're really into it – do a separate bag for each outfit AND each set of people using each bathroom.

Have any of you done a family photo shoot in a Disney park before? I loved how ours turned out and plan to do one every time we visit a park from now on.

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