Disney Park Souvenirs that you can buy on Amazon (because some of us can’t make it to the Parks)

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Heading to a Disney park soon? Maybe to Disneyland or on a Disney cruise? Did you just come back from one of the resorts? Did you forget to grab a little Disney magic on the way out the gates? Or maybe… you can't get to one right now but really love the souvenirs. Well, did you know that you can shop for a plethora of Disney park souvenirs from the comfort of your couch. Yes! You can grab your little bit o' Disney without even putting on pants. Try doing THAT at the parks. Actually don't – you would definitely end up in jail (and not Disney jail either – like, JAIL jail). To help you out, here's a round up of Disney Park souvenirs that you can buy on Amazon (because some of us can’t make it to the Parks)!

Disney Park Souvenirs that you can buy on Amazon (because some of us can’t make it to the Parks)

Disneyland Club 33 Commemorative Key: This is THE exclusive club at Disneyland and, if you can't get invited/pay for a membership, then just enjoy this souvenir… at home.

Disneyland Diamond Celebration Sequined Mickey Hands: Let's get ready to sparkle! These were incredibly popular souvenirs from Disneyland's 60th anniversary.

Light Up Mickey and Friends Ears: A super popular Disney park accessory – especially at night! Any version of Mickey ears are always a classic.

Squirt Keychain: It's Squirt! As a keychain!

Little Mermaid Dinglehopper Hairbrush: Yes. SERIOUSLY.

Tree of Life Mug: Animal Kingdom is our favorite of all the Disney parks and this mug is a totally awesome reminder of the centerpiece – the Tree of Life.

Mickey Bubble Wand: A newer souvenir for those that don't want the Little Mermaid version. It bubbles and glows!

Little Mermaid Bubble Wand: These are a super popular and for a good reason – they light up, play part of “Under the Sea”, and make bubbles!

Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Light Up Cup: This is THE must have Disney park souvenir of 2017.

Star Wars Death Star Light Chaser: Every Jedi needs a light up wand, y'all!

Mickey Waffle Dog Chew Toy: It's my daughter's very favorite Disney breakfast in dog chew toy form!

Cinderella Castle Mug: THE Walt Disney World icon in mug form.

Which of these cool Disney park souvenirs will you be ordering from the comfort of your home?

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