Finnegan’s First Year Photo Project : Five Months

This post is a little bit late since Finn turned five months old while we were on vacation in Walt Disney World last week. But, hey, better late than never, right? Our little guy continues to be the easiest baby and is just so happy all the time. He's got a delightfully cheerful personality and a little chub on him. Like I did with Melanie, I'll be doing a little photo project for his first year with monthly photos and a brief rundown of what's happening in his little world (I'm sharing this in a format that I plan on using in a photo book featuring his first year):

Finn 5 Months

You can roll yourself across the room and you're trying to creep.
You are anti-bottle.
You cut your first tooth and you're working hard on the second.
Your sister is your very favorite person in the world (with Mommy a close second).
You laugh when you're tickled.
You did great on our family vacation and didn't seem to mind the change in routine.
You like trying to sit up on your own and can do it for a few moments.
You are backsliding a bit on napping in your crib.
You love it when your sister says your name.
Mommy's favorite thing is kissing your neck to make you laugh.
Daddy's favorite thing is lifting you up in the sky.

We just love you.