Finnegan’s First Year Photo Project : Four Months

Finn turns four months old tomorrow (and will be spending it getting his latest vaccinations). He's such an amazing and happy little guy! He's turning into such a cool dude with a cheerful personality. Like I did with Melanie, I'll be doing a little photo project for his first year with monthly photos and a brief rundown of what's happening in his little world (I'm sharing this in a format that I plan on using in a photo book featuring his first year):

Finnegan's First Year Photo Project : Four Months

You can roll from front to back, back to front, and work yourself around in a circle.
You still refuse to drink from a bottle.
You've got two teeth trying to work their way through.
You LOVE your sister and smile at her whenever she's near.
You laugh so hard when anyone blows raspberries on your belly.
You can grab toys and pull them toward your mouth.
You like kicking your feet in the bath (bonus if big sister is in there with you).
You take at least one nap during the day in your crib.
You recognize your name.
Mommy's favorite thing is cuddling with you when we first wake up in the morning.
Daddy's favorite thing is “watching” football together.

We just love you.