Framebridge – the Perfect Place to Frame ALL Things Wedding

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I have a confession to make. Remember how important photography was to me at our wedding and how I was willing to spend HALF our budget to get a fabulous photographer?

Those memories were so important to me that I wanted to hang those pictures on the wall and see them all the time. Fast forward 6 years and… well, those photos and memories are still really important to me; however, the images up on my wall?

Not so much.

In fact, I had exactly ZERO pictures from our wedding day displayed anywhere in our entire house.

I had pictures from our engagement session, lovely art prints, some framed souvenirs, and I even had a couple of canvases of Melanie and Finn's newborn sessions – but NO pictures from our wedding.

Y'all. That's just pathetic.

I realized that it was time to get myself together and put some images up on my walls. Thank GOD for Framebridge, the perfect place to frame ALL things wedding.

I was able to get a couple of our favorite wedding photos printed, framed, and displayed with minimal effort on my part (which, let's be frank, is my favorite kind of effort).

Framebridge – the Perfect Place to Frame ALL Things Wedding

@Framebridge - the Perfect Place to Frame ALL Things Wedding #AD #Framebridge

The great thing about Framebridge is that it has two ways to frame:

Either upload a digital file – you can upload a digital file from your computer, tablet, or smart phone and they’ll print it in their studio for no additional charge.


You can request a pre-paid mailer for you to mail in a physical piece (like a concert ticket from your first date, or an old photograph of your parents).

I opted for the digital upload and it was so easy! I just went to, uploaded my image, chose a frame that I liked (or, you can have Framebridge's designers pick options for you – for free!), and BOOM – done.

Then I just sat back and waited for it to be shipped to my front door – gorgeously printed and framed. AND LOOK AT HOW PRETTY!

@Framebridge - the Perfect Place to Frame ALL Things Wedding #AD #Framebridge

I love, love, love the tarnished gold frames and how chic they make our outdoor portraits look.

These are two of my very favorite images of us from that day. We're standing in our driveway, my husband looks adorable, and LOOK AT MY ASS (hi, I miss you so much). The lighting in the photos is really beautiful and I just remember these moments from our wedding day so clearly.

I'm delighted to finally have them up on my walls so I can see them every day. Melanie loves to point at the pictures and ask me to tell her about our wedding. Finn pats them and says “Mama! Dada!”.

It makes me realize how important it is for them to see these memories and understand how much they mean to their father and I.

@Framebridge - the Perfect Place to Frame ALL Things Wedding #AD #Framebridge

Framebridge is the perfect place to frame ALL things wedding – whether it be your own wedding, a wedding you attended as a guest or even a special anniversary moment!

Want your own wedding memories framed and delivered right to your door? Right now, you can use promo code: kissmytulle15 at to get 15% off your first order with Framebridge! Valid until 12/31/2017.

Go forth and get those memories up on your walls – trust me, do it now. Don't wait 6 years to make it happen.

Seriously, the opportunities are endless – you could get a framed picture to place on your mantle or desk, a gift for the bride from her bridesmaids, or even an anniversary gift.

Framebridge wants to help you share and display your favorite memories from that big day.