Our Plans for the Laundry Room Remodel

We're entering the summer months and that means that I'm hoping to tackle a few medium-sized remodeling projects around here.

One of these long weekends, I'd like to finish overhauling our laundry room and so today, I thought I'd share our plans for the laundry room remodel!

As some of you may remember, when I moved in with The Boy, the laundry room was in a shed outside. I repeat, THE LAUNDRY ROOM WAS IN A FILTHY FALLING DOWN SHED IN THE YARD.

After we got married and I was pregnant with his child, I melted down in a seething mess of hormones and insisted that we renovate a stupidly small, narrow room off the kitchen into a functioning INDOOR laundry room.

My initial goal was literally just to have the laundry facilities located inside my home. I didn't care about anything else.

So, the room has the same hardwood floors that we install in the rest of the house, bare drywall, and a free cabinet tossed up in the wall above the washer/dryer. I did have the water heater framed out in wood with a pegboard cover for storage but that's as fancy as we got.

Now, I'm looking to actually finish off the room with a faux shiplap treatment on the walls (like the one we did in the kitchen's dining area), remove the hardwood floor and install some pretty faux cement tile, and invest in Ikea cabinets (still debating whether to go with white ones, like the kitchen, or wood ones).

We also need to open up one wall where there's plumbing and create a sink there (with an open cabinet underneath for the cat box), install open shelving above, and frame out the back of the washer/dryer to hide the outlets and hoses. At some point, I'd love to add a counter above the washer and dryer, too.

Long before we started the remodel, I tore images from magazines and pinned the crap out of Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. The Boy is super visual so I needed lots of images showing him exactly what I wanted (we've tried communicating through mime but, alas, it was no bueno).

After years (seriously, YEARS) of collecting images, I culled through those puppies and came up with a working plan of attack. Keeping in mind that this isn't our forever home and I needed to stay on top of resell value and the budget, here's what I came up with:

Our Plans for the Laundry Room Remodel #remodeling #laundryroom #homeimprovement

Images Courtesy of: Southern Living // Canadian House and Home // Design to Inspire // Design*Sponge // The Definery Co. // Dear Lillie

Our Plans for the Laundry Room Remodel

So clean. So pretty. This part of the remodel will add some needed storage and a little pretty.

Here's a rundown of the design:

  • Lots of white and classic lines.
  • White or wooden lower cabinets + white upper cabinets + wood accents.
  • Faux shiplap painted in white.
  • A patterned tile on the floor.
  • Wooden countertops (either butcher block or made from old fencing).
  • Pops of fun colors via some fabric, a rug, and a few accessories.
  • Both open and closed shelving + cabinets.
  • Include some industrial touches and rustic bits for warmth.
  • Think coastal cottage but very clean and organized.

As far as what exactly we need to DO…. well, here's that exhaustive list:

  • Frame out behind washer/dryer to hide electrical/plumbing.
  • Add ceiling paneling.
  • Install faux shiplap and paint white.
  • Paint water heater cabinet.
  • Add painting on piano hinge in front of electrical panel.
  • Add cabinets above washer/dryer + install hanging clothing storage.
  • Add open shelving above sink area.
  • Add fabric curtain to cabinet under sink.
  • Add wall mounted cat bowls.
  • Add pegs or hooks for wall storage.
  • Install new cabinetry.
  • Install new countertops.
  • Install tile flooring.
  • New hardware and lighting fixtures.
  • Add crown molding and baseboard trim.
  • New sink and faucet.

Any of you tackling a laundry room remodel?

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