Partnered Post: Bridal Shower Favors from American Bridal

Bridal shower favors. What used to be a nice little extra has turned into a full-on war. This party gave away DIYed lamb’s wool rugs and this one handed each of her guests a spoon dipped in pure gold and this one gave everyone A NEW CAR! Over-the-top and ridiculous? Yep. That’s why I adore the attitude of the crew over at American Bridal. They have over 23 years of experience in the wedding industry and offer a large assortment of creative bridal shower favors that will suit any style of wedding.

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American Bridal understands that everyone wants to give their guests a little something after a bridal shower but most of us are on a budget. Therefore, American bridal considers favors to be a little gift that will stand out in your guests' minds (and won't break the bank). And you know what? Favors are also a great and affordable way to complement the theme of your bridal shower and add to the charm of the decorations! So huzzah for inexpensive and fun favors!

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And y’all, I have GOT to share my favorites with you (you knew it was bound to happen!). Check 'em out!

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I LOVE to read (and how great are these for anyone who flies in with only a carry-on?).

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I have one word for you – booze. YOU'RE WELCOME, TULLE NATION!

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So perfect for a destination bridal shower!

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LOVE. You could even spray paint them to match your color scheme!

Who knew there was someone out there with such cool (and AFFORDABLE) bridal shower favors? American Bridal, Tulle Nation salutes you! Oh man, which one caught your eye first? The frames, the booze mix? Or do you just want to make out with all of them? Let me know about it in the comments!

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  • Gotta say, I’m a fan of American Bridal. They have these little elephant votive holders that double as place-card holders that are too darn cute. I was strongly tempted to get them for my wedding, but the table was starting to get a little cluttered with the other decor. Sigh. Still cute though!