Partnered Post: Money Saving Tips to Consider for Your Honeymoon


Money Saving Tips to Consider for Your Honeymoon

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1. Determine which components you specifically require of your dream honeymoon. Perhaps it has been a lifelong dream of both of yours to see the Taj Mahal. Or, perhaps you two aren’t quite as specific about the characteristics you want of a destination, and can afford to be a little more flexible when choosing. Instead of skiing in the Swiss Alps, why not ski in Colorado? Additionally, decide what type of activities you plan on doing during your excursion. After
all, it would be silly to splurge on an expensive hotel if the two of you plan on spending most of your time away at nearby attractions.

2. Do plenty of research to avoid impulsive buying while at your destination. For instance, perhaps you’ll decide that it would be nice to rent a pair of bicycles for the day; if you don’t do prior investigation, you would be inclined to purchase the first deal you come across and be unaware that, two blocks away, a bike rental company is offering significantly less of a cost for the same deal.

3. Buy groceries and snacks at a local market. Depending on your itinerary, there is a fair chance that you will be struck with hunger while you are in the middle of a touristy area. By munching on an apple or bag of pretzels that you bought earlier, you can avoid buying food from vendors who are trying to exploit tourists with outrageous prices. And, no matter what, do not buy food in airports and on trains at all costs. Consider indulging in the hotel’s complimentary breakfasts and packing your lunches so you will have more funds with which you can treat yourself to a romantic dinner.

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4. When selecting a restaurant, ask the locals about their personal favorites. Many establishments in areas that are heavily trafficked by tourists unreasonably drive up prices, so don’t be afraid to venture slightly off the beaten path to discover the truly hidden gems. The food will be equally as delicious and more culturally authentic than the Hard Rock Café that is three blocks from your hotel. The same locals will also be able to point you in the direction of live music and theater venues that are more intimate and affordable then the ones targeted at tourists.

5. When packing for a honeymoon, truly assess what items are superfluous and could afford to be left at home, as excessive luggage can lead to numerous charges; checking bags when flying often costs extra; if you are renting a car, a smaller vehicle might not be able to accommodate all of the unwarranted baggage; when getting to and from the airport, less baggage will free you up to take cheaper public transportation instead of a taxi, as two pieces of luggage is easier to navigate a train with than five.

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