Our Plans for the Entryway Design

Now that I've shared a bit about our front porch and entryway addition, I'm moving this party inside and sharing my entryway design inspiration!

Our Plans for the Entryway Design #DIY #homeimprovement #remodel #entryway

Right now, the entryway is a hot mess. It's got insulation hanging out of the walls, a shit ton of tools and remodeling supplies piled up everywhere, and is pretty filthy. However, SOMEDAY it will be beeyootyfull. But, in the meantime, I've got plans! Someday, it's going to be so organized and pretty and filled with light. I've been pinning ideas for a while now and think I've come up with a good entryway design. Keeping in mind that this isn't our forever home and I need to stay on top of resell value and the budget, here's what I came up with:

Our Plans for the Entryway Design #DIY #homeimprovement #remodel #entryway
Images Courtesy of: Rob Karosis // Knight Moves Blog // Houzz // The Marion House Book // Little Green Notebook // The Handbuilt Home // Helen Thompson in House

Nice and clean. The design is mostly focused on storage but I'm also trying to keep the room's sight lines into the kitchen in mind as I design it. Here's a rundown of the design:

  • Lots of white.
  • A long built-in bench with storage underneath for boots and shoes.
  • Overhead open shelving for basket storage.
  • A clean-lined console made of wood and metal.
  • An over-the-top, fun mirror for above the console.
  • A pretty but shallow light fixture.
  • A wood treatment accent wall somewhere.
  • Very clean and organized.

As far as what exactly we need to DO…. well, here's the list:

  • Finish wiring for electricity.
  • Finish drywall.
  • Add faux beadboard/beam to ceiling.
  • Trim around door and window.
  • Trim out opening to kitchen.
  • Add a feature wall (reclaimed wood or battan board).
  • Add crown molding and baseboard trim.
  • Build bench and storage.
  • Build upper storage.
  • Possibly add some closed/cubby storage.
  • Build or buy a console table.
  • Build or buy some storage/seating for under the console table.
  • Paint mirror.
  • Add hooks to bench area.
  • Buy baskets for storage.
  • Add new blinds to window.
  • Install light.

Phew! Right? Any of you tackling an entryway this year?

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