Shaking up your Sunday breakfast routine (featuring Dunkin’ Donuts®)

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Ah, Sunday mornings. Filled with morning snuggles, baby giggles, and tasty breakfasts. Well, they should be but, and be honest, how many here instead find themselves on Sunday mornings wrangling whiny kids while wanting a delicious breakfast but don't want to cook (or clean) it up? Well lately, I've been in the same boat. On Saturday night, I would dream about cuddling my kids in our bed the next day and then enjoying a homemade meal. I really wanted a calm and relaxing Sunday morning filled with my family and yummy food but I didn't want to have to rush around cooking up a meal and then cleaning it all up afterwards. So I decided to make some changes and create the kind of Sunday morning that I dreamed about. And you can, too! Are you with me? Here's how we're shaking up your Sunday breakfast routine (featuring Dunkin' Donuts®)!

Shaking up your Sunday breakfast routine featuring Dunkin' Donuts #ad #DunkinDonuts #breakfast #breakfastwhenever

First things first, get thee out of the house. Do not cook breakfast. Do not pass “GO”. Get out while you can! If you don't cook breakfast at home then you don't have to plan for, shop for, cook for, or clean up after breakfast at home. A place like Dunkin' Donuts is clean, family-friendly, and serves coffee, doughnuts, and amazing breakfast food. Everyone can pick out exactly what they want ad you don't have to cook or clean up. Win/win, right?

We went to Dunkin' Donuts last Sunday and really enjoyed trying to their new Pretzel Croissant Breakfast Sandwich (a yummy combination of Cherrywood Smoked Bacon, egg, and Wisconsin Aged White Cheddar Cheese on a pretzel croissant that brings together salty and buttery in a tasty mouth explosion). My husband paired his with a dark roasted coffee while Melanie shared mine (which we had with a hot cocoa). We ended our meal with doughnuts all around and then relaxed and talked. It was fantastic and plan on repeating it next Sunday.

Does this kind of an easy Sunday sound amazing to you, too, but you're just not a breakfast in the morning person? Well, good news for you then because Dunkin' Donuts serves want what you want, when you want it. Because y'all, breakfast is not just for breakfast any more. Can I get an amen, right??? Since they always offer baked goods and sandwiches plus a range of coffees, espresso beverages, teas, and frozen beverages – you can always get whatever you want. Like the Pretzel Croissant Breakfast Sandwich (seriously, y'all, it. was. BANK.). You can always count on Dunkin' Donuts to offer lots of choices, great tasting options, excellent quality and value while also being committed to an innovative menu (many of which you can check out on their blog).

Shaking up your Sunday breakfast routine featuring Dunkin' Donuts #ad #DunkinDonuts #breakfast #breakfastwhenever

So, tell me – will you be embracing your Sundays again and trying out the new Pretzel Croissant Breakfast Sandwich at Dunkin' Donuts?