Turn Your Tampico Juice Bottles Into A “The Baby Boss” Themed Treat For Your Kids

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You guys! Have you seen the trailers for the new movie, DreamWorks The Boss Baby? Melanie laughs so hard whenever they come on that I wanted to create a little something fun for her to enjoy. The baby in the movie wears a suit and tie (which Melanie thinks is “so, so fuuuunnnny”), and I came up with a quick DIY to add some cute chalkboard ties to a six pack of Tampico juice bottles. The ties are not only adorable, they're functional – you can write each person's name on his or her juice and not worry about fighting over whose bottle is whose! I think these little tie vinyls are perfect for Tampico juice bottles because Tampico has served some of the best high quality and value-added juice drinks since 1989… so giving a bottle to your kids is a great idea.

In honor of the partnership between Tampico and DreamWorks’ The Boss Baby, use the tutorial below to turn your Tampico juice bottles into a “The Baby Boss” themed treat for your kids!

Turn Your Tampico Juice Bottles Into A The Baby Boss Themed Treat For Your Kids #ad #TampicoBossBaby #TampicoRaiseABoss #TampicoJuice

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Turn Your Tampico Juice Bottles Into A The Baby Boss Themed Treat For Your Kids #ad #TampicoBossBaby #TampicoRaiseABoss #TampicoJuice


Step One: Download the Tampico Baby Boss Juice Bottle Tie Graphic to your desktop and then log into Cricut Design Space.

  • Select “Start a New Project”.
  • Next, select “Insert Image,” located in the sidebar on the left.
  • Select “Browse” and choose the Tampico Baby Boss Juice Bottle Tie Graphic and upload it into the Cricut Design Space.
  • Select from the three options offered to indicate what type of image quality best matches the image you just uploaded. For the this DIY, choose “Simple Image.” Click “Continue To Step 2.”
  • Next, use the “Edit” option to resize your upload to the desired size. For this project, I resized them to a width of 1 inches wide by 3 inches high. To cut out multiple graphics at once, simply copy the first graphic and then paste it (it will appear on top of the first graphic). Use your cursor to move the second graphic to its desired location and repeat this process to create a row of ties.
  • In this step, you will be removing all the white space (or negative space) to make cut lines for your Cricut Explore Air to follow. Basically, this is where you'll click and remove the parts of the graphic that you want the Cricut Explore Air to cut out (and leave the image intact). This is where you will remove all the white space that you do not want cut. Use the magic wand to click on the areas that you want the Cricut Explore Air to cut out – after you click on them, there should be a light blue/white square background showing behind them. Click “Continue To Step 3″Big Fat Tip: The checkerboard background indicates the areas that have been removed and will not cut. The solid areas represent the image you will use on the design screen.
  • Next, you'll be asked to name your file. You also have the option to tag your image, which can help you find it later if you forget the file name. Click “Save Image.”
  • Now, you'll be returned to the “Upload Images” screen. Your new image will appear in the “Uploaded Images Library.”
  • Click on the image to add the image to your project. Big Fat Tip: A green check will appear, indicating it is selected.
  • Click “Insert Images” to add your uploaded image to the design screen.

Step Two: Select the Cut option in the Layers tab on the top right.

Step Three: Turn the knob on your Cricut Explore Air to “Vinyl.”

Step Four: Cut the Chalkboard Vinyl to the necessary size and apply it to the Cricut Mat with the vinyl side up.

Step Five: Load the Cricut Mat into the Cricut Explore Air and then press Go.

Step Six: Watch the Cricut Explore Air cut out your uploaded image.

Step Seven: Once the cutting is complete, remove the vinyl from the Cricut Mat. Then use the Cricut Weeding Tool to peel the negative space pieces off your cut vinyl graphic.

Step Eight: Now, you'll remove the backing off each cut vinyl graphic and carefully apply it to each Tampico Juice BottleBig Fat Tip: Work slowly (starting with one corner and moving outward) and use your finger to gently push air out from between the vinyl piece and the water bottle. If you accidentally get any air bubbles, use a needle to pierce it and the push the air out with your fingers.

Step Nine: Use chalk to add each person's name to their own Tampico Juice Bottle and enjoy!

Turn Your Tampico Juice Bottles Into A The Baby Boss Themed Treat For Your Kids #ad #TampicoBossBaby #TampicoRaiseABoss #TampicoJuice

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