The 10 People You’ll Find In A Facebook Blog Promotion Group

Since I began blogging nearly 10 years ago, I've been actively looking for my people. Other bloggers who could share my successes, my failures, my struggles, and (most importantly) work with me to cross-promote our blog and social media content.

Sharing content among bloggers is common and a great way help boost each other up and create amazing relationships. I am beyond grateful for the people that I have “met” online in these groups and love the connections we have made.

However, while so many people in these groups are supportive and there for the opportunity to connect with other bloggers – there always seem to be the ones that just… aren't.

I thought it'd be funny to share my thoughts on the 10 people you'll find in a Facebook blog promotion group:

I thought it'd be funny to share my thoughts on the 10 people you'll find in a Facebook blog promotion group:

The 10 People You'll Find In A Facebook Blog Promotion Group

The Good Ones:

Let's start off with these amazing people. They are there to connect with other people in the blogging industry (and we ARE an industry), want to actively participate in the group by helping others, and properly promote everyone's work.

These people have read the group's manifesto, know the rules, and always read the specific outlines/rules for each thread. They remove their previews without being asked, use the right links, and always share everyone's work (per the rules).

All Or Nothing thread? They do all. Share 15 from the thread? They pick 15 that work best for their demographic and share away.

Have a question about blogging or need help understanding a sponsor's guidelines? These people will help out if they can. These people are 95% of the people in a Facebook blog promotion group.

They are wonderful.

The Selfish Promoters:

These people never try to connect with anyone in the group EVER. They are there for themselves and only themselves.

They improperly share their latest blog posts, they use referral or affiliate links without disclosing, and they NEVER share anyone else's content. No like for like, they put links in share threads but never share anyone else's content, and they never, ever help fellow group members who ask questions or need help.

They do, however, LOVE them some humble brags. One of the fun parts of these groups is being able to share your small victories with people who understand them.

But these guys, oh man, these guys brag all. the. time. about EVERYTHING and always try to act all “look at lil' ol' me and this tiny thing that happened”. It's annoying as fuck and WE ALL KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING.

Get over yourself.

The Self-Appointed Admins:

These people are not admins. But it doesn't stop them from acting like it. I'm not talking about the nice people who notice that someone's link isn't working or that they've accidentally posted the wrong link in a thread and let them know.

Look, we've all done it and appreciate a gentle heads up. But these people are ASSHOLES about it.

They make snide comments or leave stupid passive-aggressive messages. They message the admins over and over about it.

These people need to just stoooooop.

The Ass-Kissers:

The hardest thing about these people is that they think they're being awesome additions to the group but really… they're just sucky. Also, they ALWAYS save their smoochin' for the group's big guns.

They praise every single thing Instagram image and then make sure that everyone knows that they think that you're THE BEST THING EVER! Seriously, you're SO beautiful and amazing and totally on point in every. single. thing.

And I'm not talking about the people who genuinely connect with someone's post and leave a sweet one-off comment. I'm referring to the people who reply to every single link in a thread with a comment about how great the poster is (Also, WE KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING – you're just trying to get people to follow you.).

And they always, ALWAYS butt lick anything that an admin posts – to the group or personally. They are just your biggest fan, you brilliant/amazing/gift to the world!!!! Bleech.

These people need to be genuine or move on.

The Non-Preview Removers:

I hate these people. HAAAAATE. 99% of threads in any group include the rule that everyone “must remove their preview within X number of hours of posting” – no ifs, ands, or buts.

The purpose is to streamline the sharing process and make it easier for everyone to access content. But every. single. day. in every. single. thread. there's always a group of asshats who just don't do it.

Either they straight up ignore the rule (which I never understand because… WHY?!?!) OR they post at 8AM and then say that they'll remove it “later this evening” (Which is what, 10 hours later? Are your freaking kidding me?!?!).

OR they're about to get on a plane for a 72 hour flight and just “can't get to a desktop right now” (Then how about NO POSTING until after you get to one?!?!).

Just remove your preview. JUST REMOVE YOUR PREVIEW.

These people need to remove their freaking previews.

The Follow/Unfollowers:

These people are relentless little buggers. Nowadays, nearly every “Gain A Billion Followers In One Month” tutorials tell you to follow roughly the population of Rhode Island every day and then unfollow anyone who doesn't follow you back.

Honestly, with the current algorithms, this is a solid and effective method for gaining numbers. And when done tactfully and carefully, it can result in a solid and engaged audience.

However, my issue is with those people who participate in every Follow for Follow thread and, immediately after following and the thread's closing time has passed, they unfollow everyone.

They were just in it for the follow and NOT what the thread was intended to do – connect like minded accounts with each other. All they want is that follow number.

These are also the people who post in a thread and then, if every single person doesn't follow them (even on non-All Or Nothing threads), they will report you to the admins and/or harass you via a bunch of passive-aggressive DMs.

They're also the ones who, minutes after posting to a Follow for Follow thread, will begin complaining that “No one is following me back”. Literally within minutes.

Even though people have hours left to participate in the thread. They will then proceed to complain to the admins in the thread and through messaging.

These people are liked by no one.

The Needy Whiners:

These people fall into two distinct camps – the people who whine about the group, it's members, and the rules and the group who just whines about themselves and their life.

The first group are the ones who can't understand whhhhhyyyy, when they get called out for not following the rules, everyone is mad at them and whhhhhyyyyy can't they just do whatever they want?!?!

Whhhhyyyy to they have to follow the rules? They were just trying to share something everyone will be interested in. Whhhhhyyyyy are you mad? And on and on.

The second group is generally made up of GOOP-lovin', entitled people who's mommies told them that they could make no mistakes. Their phone died AND OMG HOW WILL THEY LIVE???

Someone left a comment on their wall that they've decided was mean – even though it wasn't but now, everyone is mean because they're so beautiful and amazing and everyone's just jealous.

To these people, not having a Pumpkin Spice Latte within the first hour they hit Starbucks is equal to what the Syrian refugees are dealing with right now.

These people need a reality check.

The “Why Don't You Like Jesus?” People:

Ugh. These people. Nearly every group has a rule that no religious/adult stuff is allowed. Cool. No worries.

I frequently have people opt out of sharing something I've written because it's borderline adult content (or talks about pooping) and I don't have a problem with that.

However, these people JUST CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU DON'T LIKE JESUS. Because everyone loves Jesus!!! You get a Jesus! You get a Jesus! EVERYBODY GETS A JESUS!

They always share gospel or scripture-based posts or social media images. And they simply CANNOT understand why anyone has a problem with it.

I mean, they will literally argue with you about how it shouldn't offend your readers and your demographic will love it.

These are also the people who refuse to like or share any post with alcohol, bodily functions, or that even remotely mentions S-E-X… and then they'll lecture you about why they're not sharing it.

These people need to pull the stick out of their asses.

The Terrible Content People:

Oh man, I feel bad even calling out these people. I know that when I started blogging and doing social media – I was awful. but, in my defense, nearly EVERYONE was because it was all so new.

But these days, creating great copy or images for your blog post and/or social media is SO easy and there are a million tutorials out there to show you exactly how to do it.

There is no reason to continue posting bleary Instagram images (or, ugh, cheesy catalog style product images).

Sure, every now and again even the best blogger out there shares a not-exactly-great image but some people are making everyone in the group repin gag-inducing food/recipe pins (Hint: If the cheese is burned then it is not “The Best Lasagna Ever”.).

All I want to say to these people is – please, please, PLEASE use this opportunity to learn about great content, images, and graphics from other people in the group.

These people need to ask for help because we're are tired of sharing your crap.

The Admins Who Don't Follow Their Own Rules:

I love and appreciate group admins. I do not want their jobs and always try to support them whenever possible because the work their asses off.

However, I have been in a few  groups where the admins don't even follow their own rules! Like, for serious.

How can you expect the people in the group to respect and follow the rules if you're constantly breaking them? And who do we report the infractions to?!?! It is beyond frustrating.

It should go without saying that I wrote this as a mini rant/funny piece and you should not read too much into it.

So, if you see yourself in any of “these people” – that's your issue, man.

Do you think that I missed any major players in my rundown of the 10 people you'll find in a Facebook blog promotion group?

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