The Only 5 Things That Need To Be On Your Save-The-Dates

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Save-the-dates. They're not required for a wedding but they're a nice touch. This little bits of paper act are like the foreword of a book or the opening act of your wedding. They introduce your future guests to the idea of your wedding, give a little sneak peek of the theme, and offer basic information on the where and when (for planning purposes). But what to include? Well, allow me to show you the only 5 things that need to be on your save-the-dates:

The Only 5 Things That Need To Be On Your Save The Dates
Save-the-date available at: West Sheridan

Your Names: People need to know who you are (and, usually, which one of you they know)

The Wedding Date: Just the month, date, and year is fine. People just need a general idea of the when so they can plan vacation time, flights, and/or babysitters.

The Wedding Location: Just a general location (even just the city and state). Again, this is so people can plan appropriately.

Website URL: Yes, in this day and age – include it. At the very least do a Facebook page. It's a great way to communicate back and forth with your guests without getting a million phone calls every. single. day.

These Phrases: At the beginning: Save the Date and then at the end: Wedding Invitation To Follow. DO NOT skip this! If not, people will think that this is the invitation and bug you for all the information that is generally included on that bit o' paper.

What information was on your save-the-date?