The Ranty Bride: Registry, revisited: kitchen and dining edition OR What we’re using four months post-wedding

Cris has been giving you an AWESOME series of posts on things to add to your registry. Where do I come in? Two showers and a wedding later, I'm here to tell you what we're using the most out of our gifts.

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Disclosures: I love kitchen things. I got a KitchenAid stand mixer years ago for a Christmas gift – when I found a deal on the Artisan on Amazon for $129.99, I KID YOU NOT! So, there are a bunch of things that we just didn't need to register for. Like a 12" All-Clad Skillet (and a good set of pots and pans), a 4.5 qt. Le Creuset Dutch Oven, a couple baking stones, the cordless Margaritaville Blender… you get the picture. So, if you don't have those things, add them. Especially the stand mixer and Margaritaville blender – seriously, it shaves ice like no one's business.

Also, we registered at Crate and Barrel and Macy's, so I will include links to those stores where possible because of the GREAT experience I had with both. Both had great return policies and excellent customer service, not to mention completion discounts and, in the case of Macy's, reward dollars back on everything you and your guests purchase. I haven't been compensated for this post by either company, I've just loved the experience I had with both, so I'm sending them some love, and I will likely be sending them more cash. If you are looking for options for your registry, I would recommend either with no reservations.

We didn't register for all of these items – some, we bought with cash – but all are suitable for registries and will be BIG HITS in your home. Trust me, I shop A LOT. And now, the registry, revisited: kitchen and dining edition!

Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Covered Fry Pan, 13"

032012 b

If you get one nonstick pan, this is a great size. Heavy duty and won't warp. If you get two, add this one.

Breville Compact Smart Oven

032012 c

This is one of those items that the Boy scoffed at. Especially when he saw the price. Judged me harshly.

He uses it DAILY.

This thing rocks a 12" pizza like no one's business. The larger size? Got top marks from Cooks' Illustrated for its ability to cook a whole chicken. A WHOLE CHICKEN.

Need two cookies? Done. Toast some pine nuts? Give it two minutes (for real, I burnt the first batch). It probably cooks toast, too, but I'm busy using it for everything else, whenever I don't want to heat up the oven.

Cuisinart Classic Toaster

032012 d

Ours looks just like this, but with a dent. Oops. Anyway, we needed a four slice toaster, and this does a great job AND looks nice to boot. Use it with some toast tongs.

Cuisinart Griddler

032012 e

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. It's a Foreman grill on steroids. Grill paninis as easy as chicken breasts. Flip it open for a griddle for pancakes. Doing burgers and buns? It does a half grill, half griddle like no one's business. Clean it up by throwing the plates in the dishwasher. And if you don't have a waffle maker, you can buy waffle plates for it, too. Awesome.

Cuisinart Tabletop Gas Grill

032012 f

We don't have a gas grill. The Boy prefers charcoal. Fair enough. However, Cleveland is a football town, and the big Weber charcoal grill won't fit in the SUV. This little wonder is big enough to cook 6-8 burgers over an actual flame, not a plate like a lot of portable grills. You can buy a stand for it, or throw it on a portable table, or in the bed of your truck. Pair with this adorable set of tailgating grill tools from Crate and Barrel and that cordless Margaritaville blender.

Oggi Canisters and Spice Jars Set

032012 g

These look great in our kitchen and on the dining room table, in the case of the spice jars. Great for kitchen organization, but nice enough to be on display.

Home Styles Stainless Steel Kitchen Cart

032012 h

They make cheaper kitchen carts, but this is a solid piece of furniture and a good value for the money. It shipped in a day, and when we had a problem with a missing part, the company shipped out the pieces we needed just as quickly, without question. It gives us extra room for food prep, lots of storage – the shelf is tall enough to fit my stand mixer so it's off the counter, and the drawers hold prep tools and trivets – and fits perfectly under the best $40 pot rack you can find. And, it's a great place to display my Bocca Cow Cookie Jar. *BTW, the whole set of Bocca dishes is gorgeous. Search for them at

Martha Stewart Silicone Beechwood Utensils

032012 i

Another Boy-approved registry item. Every single time he uses these silicone and wood utensils, he raves about them. They're heat-resistant and super easy to clean. These have become our go-to kitchen tools.

Martha Stewart Collection Set of 4 Sillicone Head Spatulas

032012 j

Heat-safe, so they will hold up on the stovetop as well as in your mixer. And I have yet to destroy them in the dishwasher (like my other spatulas. ahem.).

Crate and Barrel Miguel Glasses

032012 k

We use the highball glasses the most on a daily basis, but the others – 12 oz. double old fashioned, margarita, and goblets – are just as awesome. They're handmade, so each one is a bit different. They're all heavy and solidly made, so they hold up well to daily use, but are pretty enough for entertaining, too. A matching pitcher and wine carafe complete the set.

Crate and Barrel Tall Ramekins

032012 l

We use these for snacks, serving bowls for dips and candy, or plain old eating bowls when you don't want enough to fill a cereal or soup bowl (portion control!). Yes, you can bake in them, apparently…but we love them for everyday use. And for $3.50 each? Can't beat the price.

Pyrex 18-Piece Prep and Bake Set

032012 m

Another registry classic. With this set, you get assorted sizes of bowls and bakers, plus the ever-popular Pyrex measuring cup and a pie pan. 95% of your Pyrex needs will be met with this set. I wish it included the large Pyrex bowl, but you can buy sizes separately (especially if you have an outlet store nearby). The other crucial item is the Pyrex Portable. I have three and use at least two every holiday!

Nordicware Baker's Half Sheet with Lid, 13" x 18"

032012 n

If you're a baker, this pan is great for bar cookies and sheet cakes. The lid makes it uber-portable. LOVE this pan.

SodaStream JET-A200 Soda Maker, Starter Kit

032012 o

The boy was a hater on this, too, but he uses it ALL the time. The little flavoring bottles take up way less space than cases or two-liters, so you can always have a variety of flavors on hand. I am normally not a fan of appliances that only do one thing, but this is fun and way more useful than I would have thought. FYI – add extra bottles and a flavor starter kit to your registry, too, so you can try the different kinds of soda before committing to a larger bottle.

Rub Away Bar

032012 p

If you chop onion or mince garlic – so, basically, if you COOK – add this to your registry IMMEDIATELY. Wash your hands with this metal bar, and smelly hands are a thing of the past.

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