Wedding Wednesday: DIY Floral Headbands for the Bridesmaids and Flowergirl

It’s another Wedding Wednesday and I’ve got one more little DIY that I’d like to share with y’all from The Boy and my quickie Alaskan civil ceremony. When I cobbled together my little wedding party for the ceremony, I thought it would be nice to give them something as a thank you. But, since I had no money for gifts, I ended up DIYing them something that they loved. Here’s what I made:

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Four sweet and simple floral headbands for under $5.00 total and DIYed in under 5 minutes.

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Image Courtesy of: Amber Westerlund

And here’s how I made them:

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Step One: Remove each bloom from its stem. Carefully separate each petal piece. Reassemble pieces in order but add a dot of glue in between layers. Leave off the very bottom piece (the big green plastic-y thing).

112311 c

Step Two: Trim the extra stem piece (it should be clipped even with the bottom of the flower). Put a glob of glue on the bottom of the flower and secure it to the headband or clip (my flowergirl and bridesmaids had headbands and my maid of honor had a hair clip).

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Image Courtesy of: Amber Westerlund

Tulle Nation, not bad for 5 minutes of work, right? Are any of you planning on DIYing any of the gifts for your wedding party? What are they going to look like? Will you be making them alone or with another person? Share away!