Wedding Wednesday: The Groomsmen

I'm not done talking about my under $5,000 wedding in Texas! And today, I'm talking specifically about the groomsmen. I have to say that my husband's groomsmen were INCREDIBLE and did so much to help make our wedding really special.

Image Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

Here's what the groomsmen did for our wedding:

  • Came early and helped build an 800 square foot addition on to my house.
  • Cleared the overgrown, dumpsite of a location where I wanted to hold the wedding ceremony.
  • Mowed the yard where the reception would take place.
  • Picked up the chairs from the rental company.
  • Picked up the keg.
  • Built the tables from wood pallets for the reception.

Image Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

What The boy did for his groomsmen:

  • Skipped the stupid gifts and gave them a weekend fishing trip on our boat and the blue ties they wore for the wedding.
  • Let them wear whatever suit they wanted as long as it was grey.
  • Had them wear inexpensive, plain white dress shirts.
  • Let them wear whatever dress shoes or boots they wanted.
  • Let the Best Man wear his favorite cowboy hat because it made him happy.
  • Treated them like adults and told/showed them constantly how
    much he appreciated their help and loved sharing this event with them.

What do you expect from your groomsmen?