13 Reasons I Love The Boy

Gonna get all smooshy here. Today is The Boy's 48th birthday. And I adore him so I am countin' down the 13 (for February the 13th) Reasons I Love Him.

Image Courtesy of: Miranda Laine Photography

  1. Your endless quest to only wear shorts. Remember how you wanted to work for UPS because shorts were a part of the uniform?
  2. You love to snuggle (sorry you married a non-snuggler) and love it when I spoon you at night.
  3. For Christmas or your birthday – all you ever ask for is a hooker (P.S. Not happenin' dude).
  4. You're my baby's daddy.
  5. You have the longest, prettiest lashes.
  6. You always thank me for making dinner – every time.
  7. You're kepp playing "Word Feud" with me even though I always kick your ass at it.
  8. You love to watch "our" shows with me and patiently wait until I've finished putting Melanie to bed before choosing one to watch with me.
  9. When I need you – you are there.
  10. You will always dance with me.
  11. You completely enjoy being a Daddy and will sing silly made-up songs to our daughter, dance to "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" with her, and share everything with her.
  12. When you see cool cars on the road, you always point them out to me – even though I could care less about them.
  13. You are not afraid of asking questions.
  14. You will tile our kitchen with me at ten o' clock at night because that's when I decide to do it.

How about y'all? How do you love your special someone?

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