5 Wedding Registry Options For Every Taste and Need

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One fun part of getting married and planning your future together. Often, this future includes stuff. Stuff that people want to give you to celebrate this huge milestone. And, since you're going to get stuff, why not make it stuff that you actually want? Not into cooking but love handmade pillows? There's a registry for that! What a few items from here and a couple more from there? There's a registry that let's you do that! And the great news? It's totally normal (and acceptable) to register at up to three different places for your wedding! To help you out, here's 5 wedding registry options for every taste and need!

5 Wedding Registry Options For Every Taste and Need

5 Wedding Registry Options For Every Taste and Need

FREE Wedding Registry at BlueprintRegistry.com

Dying for a killer honeymoon? Blueprint Registry allows you to set up a registry specifically for your friends and family to “gift” you honeymoon upgrades and experiences! There's also an option via Blueprint Registry to give you cash.

Everyone knows Amazon and everyone loves Amazon. So they made a wedding registry that pretty much ANYONE will and can use. And you know Amazon has like, everything. Plus, if you're a Prime member, you'll get 20% off as a registry completion discount after the Big Day.


Target is another place that everyone loves to get and give gifts from. Their registry process is super easy (it can be done in-store or online) and there's just so much great stuff to choose from at Target!

create a registry

MyRegistry.com is a universal wedding registry that allows you to pull products from different websites into one centrally located gift registry. So you love a painting from here and a hammer from another place? They can both go on a MyRegistry.com registry!

Did you know that etsy has a wedding registry program? This is a fantastic option for those of you who have all the basics already and are looking for more unique items to fill your future home. Support small business and have your wedding registry through etsy.

Are you interested in any of these awesome gift registry options?

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