A Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist (for the Men)

It's important to be prepared and your wedding day is no different. I think it’s a good idea for every wedding to plan to have a Wedding Day Emergency Kit on hand… just in case (If you hire a wedding planner – they should bring one with them.). This kit is totally something you can compile yourself with items from around your house. Every wedding is different, so you'll want to add or subtract items but this is a good rundown of what you'd want to have around in case of a wedding day emergency. Check out my suggestions for a wedding day emergency kit for the ladies here.

A Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist (for the Men)

A Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist (for the Men) || Kiss My Tulle

Water | Clear Band-aids | Cologne | Shaving Cream | RazorLint Brush | Shoe Polish | Hair Gel | Cotton Swabs | Deodorant | Aspirin | Eye Drops (for red eyes + reducing a zit) | Sewing Kit (don't forget extra suit buttons!) | Breath Mints | Extra Cuff Links | Stain Remover | Extra Tie or Bowtie | Safety Pins | Tissues | Snack (don't forget to eat)

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Any of you have suggestions for this kit?

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