12 Best Mulan Inspired Mouse Ears on etsy

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Y'all know by now how much my crew loves to visit Disney (both World and the Land). We go a couple of times a year and L O V E every moment.

During our last Disneyland visit, I was with friends who are really into Mickey ears and loved buying specialty ones from the gift shops. And, I gotta admit – the character inspired ones were adorable!

They also loved bringing along some custom ones that they had purchased off etsy. They were SO cute!

Want to snag some of your own custom ears? Here's the 12 best Mulan inspired Mouse ears on etsy – just in time to celebrate the Lunar New Year!

12 Best Mulan Inspired Mouse Ears on etsy

Want to snag some of your own custom ears? Here's the 12 best #Mulan inspired Mouse ears on #etsy! #fashion #Disney #CDC #tmom #Disneyland #WaltDisneyWorld #Mouseears #handmade #LuanrNewYear

Pink “Silk” Mouse Ears // Sequined Flower Comb Mouse Ears // Formal Gown Mouse Ears

Mushu Inspired Wire Mouse Ears // “Dishonor On Your Cow” Mouse Ears // Mulan Formal Make-Up Mouse Ears

Wire and Floral Mulan Mouse Ears // Bloom In Adversity Mouse Ears // Cherry Blossom Wire Mouse Ears

Sequin Mulan Mouse Ears // Floral Mouse Ears With Beading and Tassel // Cherry Blossom Mouse Ears

Which ones will you be picking up for your next Disney park trip?

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