Bonding with My Mother-In-Law’s Cats Over Meow Mix

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Last year, my mother-in-law rescued three kittens after their mother had been killed in an accident. They were just the cutest and needed someone to love them back to health.

She named them Lily, Opie, and Leo (aka LOL crew) and mothered them into the healthy and happy adult cats they are today. Happy, playful, and loving – these cats bring so much happiness to my in-laws and to my kids.

Every time we visit, Melanie looks for Grandma's “babies” and loves to bring special treats to share with them. This has become especially sweet to us since the passing of our own furbaby, Caira, earlier this month.

Recently, we stopped by to check on the LOL crew while my in-laws were out of town. The cats were a bit shy at first, but once we busted out the food and treats that we'd brought for them, they were a mess of purry love!

We loved bonding with my mother-in-law's cats over Meow Mix!

Bonding with My Mother-In-Law's Cats Over Meow Mix #ad

Bonding with My Mother-In-Law's Cats Over Meow Mix

We had just been to Walmart and I had picked up some Meow Mix yummies for them. They were really easy to find in the pet department!

I bought a bag of Meow Mix Bistro Rotisserie Chicken Flavor Dry Food, Meow Mix Tuna & Shrimp Lovers Wet Food, Brushing Bites (Made with Chicken) Treats while at the store so we could share them with the cats.

Once at the house, I started trying to connect with them by opening the bag of Brushing Bites treats and tossing a few on the ground nearby Leo, a ginger tabby, who is the most skittish of the group.

He loved the smell of the treats and came right over, but got scared by my camera so I left him alone.

Then Opie, a gorgeous black cat who is wonderfully independent, crept up and decided to taste one of the treats. And she LOVED them.

Personally, I think it's the blend of wholesome and high quality ingredients that makes them irresistible to cats.

Since she loved the treats so much, I had Melanie open the Meow Mix wet food and set it nearby to see what Opie would do. She didn't even wait until Melanie had finished putting the food down!

Opie was all over the tuna and shrimp flavored food (it's probably because of the incredible mix of textures and flavors in Meow Mix's food).

As she was contentedly eating away, little Lily, the snuggliest of the crew, must have smelled something delicious because she came up to Melanie and started purring and rubbing up against her legs.

I let Melanie pour a bit of the dry food into a shallow dish so Lily could enjoy some tasty goodness, too. And what do you know? She did!

I swear, you could hear her purring as we gathered up our things to head home. I really loved how great food can allow humans and cats to bond.

I mean, we love them so why not give them the food they love in return?

Bonding with My Mother-In-Law's Cats Over Meow Mix #ad
Bonding with My Mother-In-Law's Cats Over Meow Mix #ad

If you'd love to share some special bonding moments like ours with your furbaby, then head to Walmart and grab some Meow Mix.

After all, it's the brand known for strengthening the bond between you and your cat! Be sure to use this offer from Ibotta!

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Bonding with My Mother-In-Law's Cats Over Meow Mix #ad

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