Bookworm: Mad Dash Down The Aisle: Planning Your Wedding In Six Months or Less by Liz Coopersmith

I have been a big fan of Liz Coopersmith’s regular column on Broke Ass Bride for over a year now and was THRILLED when she wrote a book, The Mad Dash Down The Aisle: Planning Your Wedding In Six Months or Less!

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Why wait to marry the love of your life? Los Angeles wedding planner and blogger Liz Coopersmith takes you through a journey she made herself – planning the wedding of your dreams in less than six months. In her trademark conversational tone, she takes you through all the questions you have, the ones you need ask, and all the possible pitfalls along the way. And you'll learn how to save a little money here and there, too. So, don't wait – PLAN.

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As someone who planned a wedding in three days (that is NOT a typo) – I understand the incredible pressure couples feel when trying to plan a wedding in under six months. Liz offers amazing and practical tips (including dealing with that tricky hotel block for out-of-town guests, the pros and cons of different ways to order your stationary, and embracing online technology) in a no-nonsense, talking-to-your-girlfriend kind of way. She is straight up honest and completely real with her advice – no talking you into ridiculous “must-haves” or the old you-have-to-have-this for the “perfect wedding” silliness. And the really interesting part? Most of Liz’s advice cannot be found for free anywhere on the Internet (trust me, I tried). My advice? READ THIS BOOK!

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Liz Coopersmith was born in New York, was raised in Los Angeles, and spent a little time in D.C., where she found her husband Zane. Shortly thereafter, she dragged him back to L.A. with her. They married in 2003, after planning their wedding in five months. She's been an event and project manager since she graduated from UCLA in 1993, and she founded Silver Charm Events, her wedding planning company, in 2004. Liz is a regular guest post writer for several popular wedding blogs, and also speaks at Bridal shows and events around Los Angeles. The subject for both is always the same: how to plan a wedding without driving yourself nuts! Liz and Silver Charm Events have also won the Wedding Wire Bride's Choice Award three years in a row, from 2009 – 2012. You can find out more about Liz at Silver Charm Events or follow her on Twitter.

The Mad Dash Down The Aisle: Planning Your Wedding In Six Months or Less (for Kindle) is available now and only $4.99! GO! BUY! READ!