DIY: No Sew Rosette Headband in Red, White, and Blue

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We've been following the USA Men's Team in the World Cup (let's all take a moment and sob at the outcome of yesterday's heartbreaker) and enjoying how cute it is to see Melanie clap while we chant “USA! USA! USA!”. Between yesterday's match and the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, I was inspired to whip up a little something to show off Melanie's patriotic side – a no sew rosette headband in red, white, and blue!

No Sew Rosette Headband in Red, White, and Blue #Olympics #DIY #nosew #easy #baby #USA

Here's what you'll need:

No Sew Rosette Headband in Red, White, and Blue #Olympics #DIY #nosew #easy #baby #USA

Here's how it breaks down:

No Sew Rosette Headband in Red, White, and Blue #Olympics #DIY #nosew #easy #baby #USA

Step One: Select your fabric scraps. The longer the scrap, the bigger the rosette. Also, you'll want them to be about 1″ – 1 1/2″ wide (I eyeballed mine but feel free to measure and trim yours down).

Step Two: Fold (and iron, if you wish) the sides of the fabric inwards (so one stacks on top of the other).

Step Three: Using the glue gun, dot the end of the strip and start rolling it inwards on itself. The dot of glue will help secure the rosette (in case you accidentally let go). Use a dot of glue every couple of rolls to help secure everything.

Step Four: At the end of the strip, use another dot of hot glue to secure the end. Voila! Your first rosette is nearly done.

Step Five: Use one of your circular objects and a pen to trace a circle about the same size as the finished rosette (a little smaller is ideal) on to your felt scrap. Using the scissors, cut the circle out.

Step Six: Using the glue gun, cover the back of the rosette with glue and then attach the felt circle. Press gently to secure and use the scissors to trim off any excess.

Step Seven: Repeat steps two through six with your remaining fabric scraps.

Step Eight: Using the glue gun, secure the rosettes to each other by gluing the connecting sides.

Step Nine: Secure the rosettes to your preferred hair piece. I used a thin elastic. Here's how:

  • Cut the thin elastic to the desired length (remember to trim it a little shorter because you want it to strech).
  • Using the glue gun, glue each end of the elastic on to the center back of the rosettes.
  • Cut a small rectangle from your felt scrap and glue it on top of the glued elatic ends to create a cover piece. Press gently to secure.

Step Ten: Enjoy!

Melanie looks so cute in it and liked it so much that she kept it on for a whole 15 minutes! #score

No Sew Rosette Headband in Red, White, and Blue #Olympics #DIY #nosew #easy #baby #USA

What colors would you use for your no sew rosette headband?

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