DIY: Stuffed Deer Head Mount for the Nursery

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My husband loves to hunt. He's not so much a trophy hunter, we eat every bit of meat that he brings home, but he does have two deer mounts in our living room. And it was those deer mounts that inspired me to make a little something for above Melanie's changing table. Here's a cute DIY for a stuffed deer head mount for the nursery!

#DIY Stuffed Deer Head Mount for the Nursery #baby #babynursery #nursery #handmade #decor

Here's what you'll need:

Here's how it breaks down:

#DIY Stuffed Deer Head Mount for the Nursery #baby #babynursery #nursery #handmade #decor

Step One: Using the foam brush, paint the wooden plaque with craft paint and let dry.

Step Two: Using the scissors, remove the head of your stuffed animal.

Step Three: Using the stapler, staple the stuffed animal head to the wooden plaque.

Step Four: Adhere to wall and enjoy!

#DIY Stuffed Deer Head Mount for the Nursery #baby #babynursery #nursery #handmade #decor

Melanie totally loves this, too! She coos at it while she's getting her diaper changed.

What animal would you “mount” for your baby's nursery?

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