Driving Around Walt Disney World

// I had complimentary use of this car from DriveShop to review for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. //

By now, y'all should know that when it comes to visiting Walt Disney World, we LOVE having our own car. That's right, instead of making use of the free transportation system or doing ridesharing – we like having our own vehicle to tool around in.


Well, for us, driving around Walt Disney World is MUCH easier than schlepping and folding up/unfolding our double stroller every single time we get on and off a bus.

Texas Mom Blogger, Kiss My Tulle, is sharing why, instead of making use of the free #waltdisneyworld transportation system or doing ridesharing - she likes having her own vehicle to tool around in. #DriveMitsubishi

Driving Around Walt Disney World

I mean, I'm really grateful for all the transportation options available at Disney (we LOVED the boat service to and from the Magic Kingdom when we stayed at Fort Wilderness), but being on other people's timetables can be a hassle.

Not having to mess with car seats is also a bonus. We know that our kids are safe and secure because we are using our own seats and installing them ourselves.

Also, we love being able to leave the parks and grab groceries and water as needed. Let's be honest – that saves us a TON of money. Plus, if we wanted to go outlet shopping, or to Legoland, or to visit a friend – we have a car! No messing with rideshares.

2019 Mitsubishi Outlander SEL

This go around we had the opportunity to try out a Mitsubishi Outlander and really liked it. It had enough room for both car seats in the back, third row seating that folded down for LOTS of trunk space, and leather seats.


My husband really liked the interactive console that allowed us to hook my Android photo up (you'll need to download a free app and use a USB cord). It let us use Google Maps via the console and receive phone calls and texts.

Both were super helpful while we were driving. We used the Google Maps feature A LOT and liked he liked how easy it was to plug in the information then see and hear it via the console. No distracted driving for us!

Heated Seats:

We also discovered that the heated seats were AMAZING for post-park drives. I mean, who doesn't want to loosen up their tight back and leg muscles for a few minutes after walking in the parks all day?

Trunk Space:

One of our big concerns when getting a car for Walt Disney World is always the trunk space. We need to fit a huge side-by-side double stroller in there plus four pieces of luggage (two kid-sized bags and two large hard-sided suitcases)!

After putting down the third row seating, we were able to fit both pieces of luggage and the stroller in the trunk space! Then, the kids's luggage wet into these niche spots in the floors of the backseat (under the kids's feet) and backpacks/jackets got piled in between the car seats.

Once we got to our RV rental, we had TONS more room for our trips to and from the parks (since we didn't have the luggage in the car anymore). We kept the stroller folded up in the trunk with it's rain cover and a flat of water bottles at all times. R O O M Y.

I would be delighted to drive a Mitsubishi Outlander again the next time we go to Walt Disney World!