6 Must Have Items When Renting An RV At Fort Wilderness

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In eight days my crew and I will be checking into Fort Wilderness at Walt Disney World and relaxing in our rented RV. I AM SO EXCITED!!! This is our first time staying onsite in an RV and we're really looking forward to it.

It's going to be so nice to stay at a deluxe Disney property and have more room and privacy than we did at our previous tried-n-true value resort, Pop Century. Our rented RV also includes all the essentials we'll need for our stay (like dishes, trash bags, linens, and more) which makes packing a breeze.

However, a Facebook group that I'm in that's dedicated to camping and RVing at Fort Wilderness helpfully recommended some extra items that would make our stay a little easier. Since so many of you are also interested in this experience, I thought I'd share six must have items when renting an RV at Fort Wilderness.

Since so many of you are also interested in RVing at #FortWilderness, I thought I'd share six must have items when renting an #RV at Fort Wilderness. #camping #Disney #WaltDisneyWorld #cdc #tmom

6 Must Have Items When Renting An RV At Fort Wilderness

Flip Flops: Yes, your RV will probably come equipped with a shower or shower/tub combo but they tend to be small and not get very hot. Fort Wilderness has several comfort stations around the location we guests can shower, clean up, and wash clothes.

However, just like back in your college days, while the communal showers and baths are Disney clean – you'll probably want to have everyone in your family wear some cheap shower shoes or flip flops while bathing.

Chalk: Most all of the sites at Fort Wilderness have a paved pad for parking an RV or camper. After your RV is parked, you'll have space leftover to play so why not bring along some sidewalk chalk and let your kids have at it?

FYI, there are people who stay onsite that do gorgeous chalk art at their sites. If you are lucky enough to see one – drop a picture in the comments so we can all see!

Battery Operated Lights: So, if you rent an RV I also HIGHLY recommend that you rent a golf cart, too. Yes, the Fort has a great internal bus system but a golf cart allows you total freedom to go where you want, when you want around the grounds.

We rented one and many people encouraged us to purchase a few strings of battery operated LED lights to decorate it. The concept is that you'll be able to find yours easily at night (plus, other people can see you better).

We bought two strands of golden globe lights and two lengths of LED rope lights. We're planning to attach them our golf cart with these 3M command hooks.

Fishing Poles: Did you know that Disney allows you fish around the Fort property? They do! Now, Disney has rental fishing equipment available but… y'all just KNOW that'll cost you a ton.

But, Disney will allow you to bring your own and fish at specific spots (watch out for gators though… no, seriously). We're planning to pack two of these telescoping fishing poles so The Boy and Melanie can fish a bit on one of our non-park days. They compact down into a something that can be packed then extend out to full size for fishing.

Sand Toys: The Fort has it's own boat launch and beach. The launch is where you catch the boats to Magic Kingdom and the Wilderness Lodge (and also an ideal spot to watch the nightly fireworks).

But, did you know that guests are allowed on the beach? Yep. So, do what we're doing and pack a few sand toys for the kids to play with. I have two small sand toy “kits” that Melanie and Finn can use during our stay.

I plan to post them for free in a Facebook group I'm in on our last day so someone else can enjoy them (and we don't have to schlep them home).

Portable Security Monitors: Look – we all know that Disney is incredibly but… this is the real world and stuff happens. One of the best tips we've gotten is to invest in a portable security monitor for our trip.

If you have a system for your home, often it includes (or can be purchased independently) a small portable camera that connects to your phone and can be installed on your rental RV with a 3M Command strip.

If not, there are a bunch that are discreet, affordable, and easy to use. It's nice to have something to help you check your car or campsite while inside sleeping or at the parks.

Whelp, that's what we're bringing. Do any of you have any additional suggestions or tips? I'm all ears.