Fall Capsule Wardrobe for a Toddler Girl

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Capsule wardrobes are all the rage lately – and for good reason. They're simple, affordable, and practical. I've been sharing some great capsule wardrobes for honeymoon travel and moms lately but I also think that this practice could be amazing for a toddler.

So, I've rounded up what I believe is a great fall capsule wardrobe for a toddler girl:

Fall Capsule Wardrobe for a Toddler Girl #toddlergirl #capsulewardrobe #fallfashion

Tops + T-Shirts: Chambray Top // Plaid Swing Top // Graphic Sleeved Shirt // Top with Sequins // Sequined T-Shirt // Varsity Tee // Cute Fleece Pullover // Tank Top // Sleeveless Swing Top // Plaid Shirt

Dresses: Chambray Dress // Crepe Dress // Patterned Shirtwaist Dress // Swing Dress

Bottoms + Skirts: Dark Wash Jeans // Jeggings // Black Leggings // Black Pants // Colored Cords // Glittery Tutu // Glittery Skirt // Denim Skirt // Color Tutu Skirt // Faux-Suede Skirt

Jackets + Cardigans: Neutral Cardigan // Colored Cardigan // Denim Jacket // Faux-Fur Vest // Hoodie // Faux-Leather Jacket // Trench Coat

Shoes + Accessories: Slip-on Boots // Colored Flats // Leather Moccasins // Sneakers // Striped Tights // Cable Knit Tights // Patterned Socks // Barrettes // Headbands

My family is super cash-strapped so every T-shirt and legging for my kid is a decision that we mull over. Will it wear well? Can it work with several outfits? Can it be worn in hot and cold weather? So really, we've been doing capsule wardrobes for her since birth! And I've learned a few tips along the way:

  • Buy multiples of each of the tops and bottoms. Toddlers are hella messy – give yourself a break and buy 2-3 of your favorite tops and bottoms. That way, you don't need to stress out if you can't get to the laundry right away or find a weird stain.
  • Only buy the accessories and footwear that your child will actually wear. My daughter hates hats and anything other than moccasins or boots. So the adorable beanies and shoes on this list? Yeah, we'll be skipping over them and doubling up on what she does like.
  • Feel free to skip the dresses or the pants and double up on whatever your kid wears the most of. Though, due to all the holidays at this time of year, I always recommend having at least one dress + dress shoes on hand, just in case.
  • This is geared toward areas with standard fall weather – a bit of rain, dampness, and chill but no snow. If you live in a warmer or colder climate, please make outerwear alterations as needed.
  • I'm a huge fan of layering so you'll see lots of tanks and cardigans on here. They're great since you can layer them up or down depending on the weather (and my kid HATES wearing long-sleeves under a cardigan).
  • The key to a good capsule wardrobe is lots of items in neutral colors plus a few items in various shades of one color. I used pink because my little girl loves pink – but nearly all the items come in several colorways so pick the color that your kid likes best.
  • You'll see that this list doesn't include underwear or pajamas. That's purely because some toddlers aren't ready to potty train yet and others just don't wear jammies. If you need them, add them.

Will you doing a capsule wardrobe for your child?

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