Finnegan’s First Year Photo Project : Three Months

Finn turned three months old yesterday and is turning into the coolest little dude! We love him more every day. Like I did with Melanie, I'll be doing a little photo project for his first year with monthly photos and a brief rundown of what's happening in his little world (I'm sharing this in a format that I plan on using in a photo book featuring his first year):

Finnegan's First Year Photo Project : Three Months

You have the biggest smile.
You love nursing and refuse to use a bottle – even when Mommy's gone.
You started teething – we can even see one trying to bust through.
You are drooling and “biting” Mommy a lot.
You love watching the TV and “talk” to it.
You have the cutest laugh.
You discovered your hands and look at them all the time.
You stick out your bottom lip when you're mad.
You roll over from back to front.
You still sleep in bed with Mommy but we'll be moving you to the crib soon.
You kick and push off when having your diaper changed.
Mommy's favorite thing is tickling you until you laugh.
Daddy's favorite thing is lifting you above this head like Superman.

We just love you.

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