Finnegan’s First Year Photo Project : Ten Months

Yesterday, Finn turned 10 months old. The weather was crap so I decided to try again today for a picture and… the weather is crap so I just gave up and took one anyway. Finn is becoming such a cool little person, with his own personality and quirks. He's walking now, loves being rocked by his dad, and really hates dirty diapers. Like I did with Melanie, I'll be doing a little photo project for his first year with monthly photos and a brief rundown of what's happening in his little world (I'm sharing this in a format that I plan on using in a photo book featuring his first year):

Finn at 10 Months

You have eight teeth – four on top and four on the bottom.
You haven't been sleeping very well – just one short nap a day and restless nights.
You are trying to say “Melanie” (it comes out as “MEH”).
You walk everywhere with your arms out in front of you like Frankenstein.
You love eating peas, rice noodles, and yogurt drops.
You're really unhappy when you have a dirty diaper.
You have started whining and grabbing your towel when you want out of the bath.
You are starting to dance when we sing certain songs.
Mommy's favorite thing is when you grab her hand and put it on her chest whenever you want to nurse.
Daddy's favorite thing is when you walk to him when he gets home.

We just love you.

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