Handling the Medical Needs of your Wedding Guests (from Katie Farrin on Lovebird Productions)

***Today is the first post in a week long series here at Kiss My Tulle to help y'all plan your wedding and accommodate any special needs that your wedding party or guests might have. Today, Katie Farrin of Lovebird Productions (myveryownself's wedding videographer) is sharing her experience planning her wedding while working with the special medical needs of her family.***

When you plan your wedding you dream of a wonderful day full of memories with friends and family gathering together plus the joining of you and your better half. You plan for months, some even years, for an event that is once in a lifetime. You get to pick your perfect dress, taste cake, visit venues and receive gifts. Everything seems peachy then reality sets in.

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Image Courtesy of: Steven Miles

For me, my reality was our grandparents health. A few weeks before we were scheduled to walk down the aisle my husband Rusty’s grandmother had a series of mini strokes and ultimately could not be apart of our big day. My grandmother has Alzheimer’s disease but luckily is always in good spirits. She didn’t know what was going on expect she got to dance and enjoy chocolate. She loves chocolate!

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Image Courtesy of: Steven Miles

With our grandmothers being ill we thought there was not a thing we couldn’t handle. With a few weeks to spare before our wedding, my grandmother who lives in Chicago gave me a call. Earlier in the summer my grandfather had his knee replaced. The first few weeks after his surgery he was starting therapy and we were all relieved that he was healing so well. We were excited that he would be in prime condition for the wedding. Her phone call was to let me know that my grandfather had developed a serve infection in his body from the new knee. He was not responding well and the doctor’s decided to remove his entire knee.

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To say I was stunned is not the accurate word. I was stressed with planning (we were in the final weeks), working a full time job, having showers on the weekend and driving four plus hours each weekend to our venue in Central Arkansas. With all the chaos I realized that nothing really mattered but his health. Isn’t it funny how quickly we can make everything about us and how tired or stressed we?

My grandfather had emergency surgery to have his knee removed. This surgery left his left leg dramatically shorter than his right. He was bed ridden for days and then eventually placed on a walker with a brace that did not allow any movement or bending of his leg. He also had a 24/7 IV. I thought for sure that my grandparents would not be making the trip to our wedding in Arkansas. It goes to show the love in our family because they drove 12 hours with many stops to our wedding weekend. I was incredibly blessed to be surrounded by my family especially the grandparents who raised and spoiled me. Life is so much sweeter with them!

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Image Courtesy of: Steven Miles

By the time the wedding arrived, my grandfather was in better health but we worked to make things more accommodating for him. During the wedding day we made sure he was seated in the middle of all that was taking place but was also comfortable. We kept him hydrated and when it came time for family pictures we surrounded him. Some pictures you can tell he is on a walker while others you would be surprised to find out a walker was mixed in between all of us. Our reception was at a golf course patio. When my grandfather was ready to go, we were given permission for a car to drive right up to the patio to pick him up. We were able to make sure he felt apart of the festivities but we were also cautious not to over do anything. He was in such good spirits!

With all the health scares along the way we all got to spend time together and I got to marry the man of my dreams!

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Image Courtesy of: Steven Miles

Katie Farrin is the brilliant mind behind Lovebird Productions – a premire wedding videography service based in the Texas Hill Country. From Katie, "I have been telling stories through video for over six years now and have a passion for weddings. Every wedding I attend is unique in its own way and a true testament of love. I enjoy capturing memories that will last a life time and sharing them with each couple and their families. I firmly believe in the blessings of marriage and know that God created it to be exactly that, a blessing. I would be honored to tell your love story so that you can share it for years to come!" You can visit Katie at her website, Like her on Facebook, Follow her on Twitter, or check out her boards on Pinterest.