Wedding Wednesday: A Few Shots from our Wedding Ceremony

Hands down. Our wedding ceremony was THE BEST part of the whole wedding thing. But maybe we should have thought about weighing down the fabric streamer backdrop (like everyone told us to. D'oh!):

071112 a
071112 b
071112 c
071112 d
071112 e
071112 f
Images Courtesy of: Carlos Castillo

Also, probably should have made The Boy try on this wedding ring before the ceremony (it was a tiiiight fit, y'all). Or had my matron-of-honor packin' Vaseline. Whatevs.

Also, I flipping ADORED my $12.00 supermarket bouquet that my bridesmaids made for me… with packing tape, ribbon, and some pretty sewing pins. SUCK THAT, fancy schmancy florists!