Knocking An Item Off My Husband’s Bucket List

// This is a sponsored post by Rosetta Stone and I may earn money on products purchased via the links. //

As many of you know, my husband turned 50 this past year and, as one tends to do when hitting this milestone, we chatted for a bit about things he wants to do or dreams about. We had already nailed some basic ones (travel, FREAKING AWESOME wife, and becoming a father) but he had a few smaller goals that turning the Big 5-0 really pushed into focus.

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One such goal? Working on improving his Spanish speaking skills. Well, I signed right up so he could knock that item right off his bucket list. And if I'm going to help my husband accomplish his dreams, then I'm going to work with the best language product out there – Rosetta Stone.

And honestly, with over 25 years of teaching languages online and via software programs to individuals, corporations, and educational institutions all over the world – Rosetta Stone really is THE leading expert in user-friendly native language skills. My husband was so impressed with the Spanish language online course that he used – there were clear instructions, fun games, the pronunciations were spot on.

Within days, my husband was feeling confident in his improving Spanish language skills and even had a lengthy conversation with the ladies at our local breakfast taco place (who were delighted to chat with him and excited to know he was learning such great conversational Spanish). And, as a bonus, he's been doing some of the lesson without headphones and now Melanie is trying to speak Spanish, too!

The Online Subscription Give Him:

The flexibility to learn Spanish on his schedule, on any device, and from anywhere in the world. He was able to have full access to all the program's latest features and can started learning immediately with no lengthy downloads or extra installations needed. The online subscription to Rosetta Stone also included the most advanced speech technology and the ability to download lessons to his mobile devices so he could continue learning offline.

And, to help you knock an item off YOUR bucket list, Rosetta Stone is offering a 24-month subscription for less than $7 a month! Offer valid: 12/27 – 1/15.