I Love How You…

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Sweet Melanie Jocelyn,

We're solidly in the toddler years and I'm having a great time with you. I love seeing your little personality develop and your world broaden every day. I love your sweet kisses and your enthusiastic hugs. I cannot believe that you are mine… that I made you. Right now, I love so many things about you.

I Love How You…

I love how you are so into certain movies and TV shows right now. When “The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” or “Doc McStuffins” comes on you lose your freaking mind and bum rush the TV. And one of your favorite books right now is a counting book featuring Olaf from “Frozen” – which your Dad bought you after you saw it at Target and refused to let it go.

I love how you think that every single person who calls our house wants to talk to you. People are getting really tired of being put on speakerphone.

I love how your hair is starting to come in and it gets all fuzzy when you sleep.

I love how you prefer to eat the peels off your apple slice and leave behind the inside. It's so opposite of every other kid out there!

I love how you are so fascinated by zippers right now. Nothing I put on you stays zipped.

I love how you try new things completely and without hesitation (I foresee that I will like this less when you're a teenager…).

I love how you have suddenly become very interested in “helping” me cook. I let you help me make cornbread dressing at Thanksgiving but it wasn't until we baked sugar cookies together at Christmas that you really got into it. Now, whenever I start making dinner, you drag your little stool over and climb up to the counter. I give you a mini colander that Santa left in your stocking plus a couple of ramkins and a spoon. Sometimes you “cook” dried lentils, sometimes it's flour, but it's always done with gusto (and a terrific mess)!

I love how you love your stuffed animals so much. You cuddle them, give them rides in your car, and try to feed them your food. You are going to be a great little mama.

I love how you scream and stomp your feet when Daddy gets home. You know to listen for his car and get SO excited when you see it pull up. You make coming home to wonderful.

I love how you dance to music. Arms swinging, bottom bopping, shoulders workin'. And you always applaud when the song is done.

I love how you try to feed the dog the mushroom pieces from your pizza set. Mushrooms are your favorite and you always pick those ones out to play with first.

I love how you get so excited when I leave you for even a moment at the store and then you see me again. You hold out your finger and we have to touch ours together before I'm allowed to do anything else. I wonder if this will be something special that we always do.

I love how you are so independent. Sometimes, it's frustrating but most of the time, it's amazing. You insist on carrying your own bowl of snacks to the coffee table (and have a meltdown if I try to help). You refuse to let me brush your teeth and will only do it yourself if I lay the toothbrush on the side of the tub (instead of handing it to you). You desperately want to be able to dress and undress yourself and get frustrated when you get tangled up.

I love you, my sweet little monkey bear.

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