Major Parenting Milestones that No One Talks About

There are a lot of milestones in parenting and in the lives of your kids. Big exciting ones like the first time they get a tooth or their first word. Not so exciting, yet still important ones, like first vaccines and first eye exams. Then there's the awkward or uncomfortable ones like their first kiss or their first detention. Firsts are a way of life and a way to track your parenting journey. But honestly, as a two time mom, I feel like the baby books and parenting guides really miss the mark on most major milestones. I mean, it was really cool and amazing the first time my kids walked but it was also awesome the first they stopped biting my nipples while breastfeeding. And that got me to thinking, what other major things happen that get ignored by the general public – but are AWESOME?!?! So, for your convenience, here's a rundown of some major parenting milestones that no one talks about – but are definitely cause for celebration… or at least, a post on social media. Feel free to click the image for a downloadable PDF so you can print these out and slap these in your planner to really commemorate the occasion.

Major Parenting Milestones that No One Talks About

First Time Your Kid Wipes Their Own Ass

First Time Your Kids Leave You Alone To Pee

First Time They Don't Complain About Eating Vegetables

First Time They Feed Themselves Without Needing Your Help

First Time Your Baby Stops Sticking Their Arm Down Your Shirt

First Time You Ask Them To Find Something And They Do

First Time They Feed Themselves Without Needing Your Help

First Time You Can Get Them To Pump Gas In The Middle Of Winter

First Time Your Toddler Listens To Your Rational Argument

First Time Your Baby Throws Up On Someone Other Than You

First Time Your Teenager Doesn't Roll Their Eyes At Something You Said

First Time You Tell Them It's Time To Go And They Leave Right Away

First Time Your Son Pees Inside The Toilet

First Time They Throw Away The Empty Toilet Paper Roll And Replace It With A New One

Which of these milestones are you most excited about? Tell me about it in the comments!

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