Melanie at 1 Week

Um. So this one week update is like, almost a week late. But whatever. Still counts, y'all. Here's a rundown of Baby Melly at One Week Old. P.S. I promise that I'll only be doing weekly baby updates for this first month. Once we hit four weeks, I'll move to doing them once a month.

Baby: Melanie at 1 Week

Age: 1 Week
Favorite Foods:
Breastmilk. The girl loves her some boob.
Favorite Sounds: Daddy's voice. Mommy singing Nana Lucia's lullaby. The relaxation music Mommy used during her pregnancy and labor.
Favorite Things: Boobies. Lots and lots of boobies. And laying on Daddy's chest while he watches SportsCenter.
Favorite Activities: Nursing. Waking up Mommy and Daddy at 3AM for a lengthy screamfest. Being swaddled by Daddy.
Least Favorite Activities: Diaper changes. Dirty diapers. Getting her clothes changed.
Signature Moves: Lifting her own head. Grabbing on to Daddy's finger and not letting go. Rooting on Mommy every chance.
Mommy's Proudest Moment: Hearing everyone go crazy over how well-shaped her head is and how alert and strong she was so quickly after being born.
Daddy's Proudest Moment: Showing her off at work and having her hold on to his finger right after being born.
Mommy's Not-So-Proud Moment: Swaddled her wrong and having her end up scratching herself.
Daddy's Not-So-Proud Moment: Being nervous about changing her dirty diapers (worried that his hands are too big).

What about y'all? How was your baby's first week?