My Second Trimester Must Haves

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I'm solidly into my second trimester with this, my second pregnancy, and I've definitely been relying on several items to make this time easier/more enjoyable. My post-first pregnancy belly flap has taken on the form of an actual baby bump so I'm looking less like a super fat lady with a beer gut and more like a super fat pregnant lady. I'm feeling much better that I was during my first trimester and have been really enjoying the idea of a having a baby boy! Here's a rundown of my second trimester must haves:

  My Second Trimester Must Haves #pregnancy #baby #secondtrimester #musthaves #mommy

  • Old Navy Maternity Scoop Rib-Knit Tanks – I could own one of these in every color! They look exactly like the regular Old Navy tank tops but have extra space for that Bump. I layer mine under button-up shirts, jean jackets, or cardigans… EVERYTHING.
  • Healthy Mama Prenatal Vitamins with DHA – I'm one of those people who has a hard time taking vitamins, especially those with iron it them. Basically, they make me gag and/or throw up. I discovered these prenatal supplements and I'm sold. They're easy to swallow and don't make me nauseous at all.
  • HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method: A Natural Approach to a Safe, Easier, More Comfortable Birthing – I used a simplified version of this birthing process the first time around and was incredibly happy with my birthing experience. So, I busted it out again as a little refresher and I've also been listening to my “relaxation” playlist to begin preparing myself for this baby's birth.
  • Summer Sanders' Prenatal Workout DVDI work out at home (with a toddler – which is it's own friggin' post!). This DVD is so my go to because it has routines for every trimester and they're different lengths (express and full). Lots of cardio/heart-rate stuff. I also love how informal and even silly the ladies running the show are.
  • Starbucks Venti Cold Cup – I got one from a friend during my first pregnancy and this sucker has been used every. single. day since then. I down a cup filled with ice cold water at least 5-6 times a day (and more while I was breastfeeding). I use this cup so much that if I'm away from it for more than a few minutes, Melanie will bring it to me!
  • Tuft & Needle Mattress – I swear by this affordable, delivered-FREE-to-your-home-in-a-small-box mattress! OMG. Remember how bad my hip pain was during my first pregnancy? Well, I'm almost near the end of my second trimester and I've experienced ZERO hip pain from and while sleeping. I attribute it entirely to this incredible mattress.
  • Old Navy Denim Skirt – I just bought this skirt a few weeks ago and OMG! LOOOOOVE IT! I paid attention to the reviews and bought it a few sizes larger and I'm really happy with the fit. I wear this constantly.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet – I got this for my blog a few years ago (so I didn't have to schlep a laptop along when I traveled) and I'm hardcore-lovin' it during my pregnancy! Sometimes, I just need to rest my body and I can take this to bed with me and still work. Holla!
  • Tomatoes – I have been craving tomatoes so much during this pregnancy! I discovered that I can buy a huge pint of the angel tomatoes (small and sweet) at my local HEB and I swear, we buy, like, 5 a week. I can down a whole one in one sitting.
  • Cute Flats – I think that every preggo needs a cute pair of flats to get her through her entire pregnancy. I love these because they can be wore dressed up or down and literally go with anything!
  • H&M MAMA Leggings – Hello, the BEST PART OF PREGNANCY! I'm not joking… get yours TODAY.
  • Elliptical – Due to some balance issues, I can only do a 20 minute HIIT workout a few times a week but it's definitely helping slow my weight gain and improve my stamina.
  • Diet Sprite – Another pregnancy craving. I only get one Diet Coke a day so, when I get tired of endlessly drinking water, I bust out one of these cans. Delish!
  • FOREO LUNA mini 2 Facial Cleansing Brush – I didn't have many skin issues the first time around but this pregnancy has included some serious acne breakouts and dryness. I've used a Clarisonic brush for years but it always leaves my skin red and itchy. So, when I was introduced to the FOREO LUNA brush, I was overjoyed when it left my skin feeling soft and silky – no redness!
  • Biore Charcoal Self-Heating Mask –  Again with the skin issues. Since it's is purely hormone-based, there's little I can do about it; however, I did discover these awesome charcoal facial masks and I'm so happy with them! They seem to be helping my breakouts and are super easy to use.
  • Old Navy Compression Workout Pants – Since I work out at home, I spend several hours in these babies each day. I was initially worried that the compression factor of the pants would be uncomfortable but found the opposite to be true! They are very easy to work out in.

What were your second trimester must-haves?

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