One Year Baby Must Haves

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Melanie is one whole year old and is suddenly like a real person. She walks everywhere, has temper tantrums, and is very vocal (though not really using specific words yet). I know lots of people prefer babies but y'all, my mini toddler is AWESOME. I finally feel like I'm really starting to enjoy being a Mommy.

Now that she's in her first year, she is more partial to specific things and is definitely showing that she prefers certain items over others. I thought I'd share Melanie's one year favorites:

One Year Baby Must Haves

The Honest Company Disposable Diapers | I was complaining about this company's crap cancellation policy the other day but I'll be the first to say that their disposable diapers are excellent. We still primarily cloth diaper Mel but use these at night and on weekends when we're out and about.

Discovery Toys MEASURE UP! Cups | We just got these but they seem to be winners. Melanie loves to have me stack them up so she can knock them down and spends minutes at a time (an eternity in baby time) putting them inside each other.

Gosig Golden | AKA Melvin – Melanie's lovey. Seriously soft and cuddly, Melanie adores this guy (so Mommy and Daddy made sure to buy two more “back-up Melvins” just in case something happens to the original).

Munchkin Sippy Cup (with Straw) | My exclusively breastfed baby did not take to the traditional sippy cups at all. She liked the idea but couldn't seem to get water out of them. So we tried these straw style cups and – BOOM! Baby drinking. I think it's because the way she sucks on the straw is similar to the way she positions her mouth to nurse. Whatever the reason, we have one in the living room, one in the bedroom, one at Grandma's house, one in the diaper bag…

Cherokee Tutu | We have these in two colors (and I swear, I'm going back for more!) and they are Melanie's favorites. She wears them with a T-shirt, tank top, swimsuit, alone. Doesn't matter, my girl loves to rock a tutu.

Ekorre Rocking Moose | This was one of my only splurges before melanie was born and it feels like I've been waiting for SO LONG for her to enjoy it. And now that that day is here, it's pretty awesome. She can climb up and down herself (sometimes she falls) and is figuring out how to rock it back and forth like a cowgirl.

Food Pouches | These are the best when we are out of the house or in the morning when I'm not awake enough to prepare a more elaborate breakfast. I love that they're tasty and healthy. She loves that she can suck on them and feed herself without help from Mommy.

The Belly Button Book | Still the most popular of all her books (she got it as a Christmas stocking gift) and now, she's even starting to say “Bee-Boh” like the little hippo in the story.

Wooden Blocks | I got a set of these at a garage sale and Melanie plays with them every single day. She's still working on stacking them but is a champ at knocking them down.

B. Parum Pum Pum Drum | A birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy, my girl finally got an upgrade from her ghetto coffee can/wooden spoon drum set up and she's in heaven. Her favorite right now is the egg shaker but mostly, she just loves it when we play the instruments with her (and dance… and no, there's no video).