Me At 39 Weeks

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39 weeks, y'all! 39 WEEKS.

And that means that I'll be having a baby by next Monday. That's right. By next week, my little man will be here.

Apparently, it's a thing now to not let “old mothers” go past 40 weeks because, if you do, Donald Trump will get elected as president (or something).

We have a doctor's appointment today where they'll be doing a stress test and ultrasound to see how long they'll let me go (and, honestly, as long as the baby's not in distress – I'll be fighting for not inducing me).

Me At 39 Weeks

As I did with my first pregnancy, I've been taking photos and doing a cute week-by-week FYI session (ala Little Baby Garvin).

San Antonio lifestyle blogger, Cris Stone, shares a rundown of her 39th week of pregnancy. Find out more!

How far along?

39 Weeks.

Total weight gain/loss:

Still at the 50 pound mark (170 >>> 220).

Maternity clothes?

These leggingsa cami tank, and a T-shirt.

Stretch marks?

Seeing a few teeny red ones (at the top of the old ones).


Insomnia. And, yesterday, I had some really terrible dreams about my husband accusing me of cleaning out our bank accounts and taking the kids away from me.

Normal, hormonal pregnancy stuff but still so upsetting that I was actually angry with him when I woke up!

Best moment this week:

My mom's here! Melanie's LOVING sharing a room with her (lots of snuggling) and keeps calling her “Mommy”.

I think it's because I kept telling people that my mom was coming and she translated it to calling her “Mommy” instead of “Nana”!


Moving really well considering he dropped again.

Food cravings:

Chocolate ice cream.

Anything making you queasy or sick:

Still having nausea every morning. The doctor told me that's normal – that he's probably resting on my stomach.



Labor Signs:


Belly Button in or out?

100% flattened out.

Wedding rings on or off?


Happy or Moody most of the time:

Other than the overly-hormonal reaction to my dreams last night… I've been pretty content.

Looking forward to:

Meeting my sweet little man.

In other news, I made a little pillow from the baby's quilt scraps (I did that for his sister, too, and she loves it).

The crib has been assembled, my hospital bag is packed, the stroller and car seat are in the car, I packed a “go bag” for Melanie (she'll be hanging with Grandma and Grandpa when the time comes).

I did an epic cleaning out of my desk/blogging area so it's all sorted and organized for post-baby work (and YES, bloggers ABSOLUTELY work after their babies are born – maternity leave, what?!?!).

That was beyond exhausting but it hadn't been done in three years so… it was time. 

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