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Wanna know the best-kept secret on how to do what you want, when you want, on your honeymoon? Easy – a honeymoon registry from Honeymoon Pixie! Imagine this; with a honeymoon gift registry you worry less about expenses because your wedding guests can contribute towards your honeymoon experience! Holla!

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Here are some helpful tips on how to maximize the use of your honeymoon registry:

  • Plan! With a honeymoon registry, you can consider different activities, transportation options, dining options, ways to pamper yourselves, and accommodations at your honeymoon destination. Pick the activities and pampering sessions that suit you best and then add them to your honeymoon registry. Having a list of fun and romantic things you can do on your honeymoon gives you something to look forward to and enjoy together as a couple. Cuz fo' reals? Sitting around and gazing into each other's eyes gets real old, real fast.
  • Get a great room! Let's face it, on your honeymoon you'll probably be spending time in your hotel room (insert giggling references to "doing it" here). Want to try and score the best room ever? Include an upgrade to a honeymoon suite on your honeymoon registry! A king-sized bed, a great view, and a tub for two really are awesome experiences.

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  • Do a combination of relaxing and fun activities! Remember how y'all wanted to marry each other because you like doing stuff together? And sometimes that stuff is kicking back and sometimes it's kicking ass? Then use your honeymoon registry to rent jet skis, to go snorkeling, or to get a couple's massage. Mixing it up will ensure that you have a blast (and that your guests have a variety of activities to gift you).
  • Make it easy on yourselves! The number one way to squash any chance of romance on a honeymoon is worrying about reservations, tickets, passports, and other logistics (okay, and maybe running into your ex with his new supermodel girlfriend). Little things like having quality luggage that will survive your travels and keep your clothes and personal items organized. Do you need new luggage? Put it on your honeymoon registry!

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honeymoon registry from Honeymoon Pixie can make your honeymoon less stressful by providing the planning tools necessary to help keep you organized and by providing some financial relief. Plus, by registering for honeymoon essentials and upgrades – you will get the chance to do what you want, when you want.


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