Partnered Post: King And Queen Photographic Arts

Y’all know my undying love for REALLY GOOD wedding photography, right? Well, you should know that it also extends to REALLY GOOD wedding photography keepsakes – I do mean the quality stuff. Enter King And Queen Photographic Arts (Whose homepage is TOTALLY worth the visit. Hint: There's a SUPER YUMMY MAN! And no, it's not Hot Patrick. Go ahead and visit… I'll be right here when you get back.)!


King And Queen Photographic Arts is the only truly online source for high-quality custom coffee table books for your wedding photos (or baby photos, work portfolio, or corporate event – ‘cause we’re always thinking ahead!).


The GORGE handmade albums from King And Queen Photographic Arts are Italian-made of the finest materials available. They utilize the best leathers, metals, and acrylic covers along with archival papers (which means your photos won’t start cracking and change colors!) that ensure image retention for generations to come. So your grandkids? Can giggle and sigh over your wedding photos just like you do over the ones of your grandparents!

King And Queen Photographic Arts makes it easy to design your wedding album – simply choose a preferred layout style, next you determine the sequence in which your photos will appear!, and then designers in Italy layout and construct the books accordingly.

Up until now these books have only been available through very select channels and at twice the cost! Finally, they're available to Tulle Nation through the website's order and upload process. King And Queen Photographic Arts. Your heirloom awaits. 


Are y’all LOVIN’ King And Queen Photographic Arts as much as I am? Seriously, I would throw down for that leather album (The Boy REALLY liked the metal one. Decisions, decisions.)! The coolest part? From now until April 20, 2012, you can purchase a King And Queen Photographic Arts for yourself at a discounted price! Holla! Simple choose your album and photos and then pop the code “kmt0001” into the coupon code box during your online ordering prcess and receive an EXTRA 30% OFF at checkout! RUUUUUUN!!!!


For some extra funsies, follow King And Queen Photographic Arts on Twitter and Like them on Facebook! Okay, quiz time – which King And Queen Photographic Arts album is your favorite? What photos would you use to create your one-of-a-kind masterpiece? Wedding shots? Engagement session? Come on spill! You know you want to…