Partnered Post: Honeymoon Pixie

As I enjoy my very own honeymoon with The Boy, it thrills me to no end to introduce y’all to the newest member of Tulle Nation – Honeymoon Pixie. I flippin’ adore them! Honeymoon Pixie provides a honeymoon registry service to engaged couples (you know, like a traditional registry but instead of spoons and teakettles people can buy y’all fun activities to do on your honeymoon!). Let’s face it; most of us aren’t the “moving from mom and dad’s right into the martial home” kinda people. Most of us already have all the stuff people would normally give us for a wedding gift and what we’d REALLY love is a couple’s massage on the beach in St. Lucia! Well, Honeymoon Pixie can help you with that!

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One of my favorite things about Honeymoon Pixie’s registry service is how stinkin’ easy it is to set up! Simply use one of the pre-built registries provided by Honeymoon Pixie – yep, that’s all. They’re all based on the most popular honeymoon destinations and include a huge number of different activities. What a time-saver!

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But Cris, you ask, what if I want to create my own honeymoon registry? Pffft, Honeymoon Pixie has got you covered – choose from a variety of price points (ranging from $20 to $100 dollars) and publish (You can also break-down big ticket items into smaller increments. For example, a $400 honeymoon suite upgrade can be listed as four $100 gifts – cool, right?).

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In addition to their kick buns honeymoon registry service, Honeymoon Pixie also provides many other free tools for their users. At Honeymoon Pixie, you can:

  • Print announcement cards
  • Print Thank You lists
  • Send out pre-written emails
  • Implement Facebook integration
  • Upload unlimited photos
  • Select a beautiful registry theme
  • Redeem your gift funds at anytime
  • Benefit from expert travel tips and links
  • Learn from our honeymoon destination guides
  • Reduce stress by using our Planning and Packing Tips 

One thing that really struck me about Honeymoon Pixie is their consistent 5-Star ratings from newlyweds and Bride's Choice Awards 2012 (for excellence in quality & service). And my very, very favorite thing ever? Honeymoon Pixie founders, Andrew and Gina, passionately believe in giving back to their community and are involved in a number of local volunteering activities. One example is their involvement with Camp Korey – a Paul Newman SeriousFun Children’s Network Camp – which is 100% free to all families dealing with a serious childhood illness. They also have a therapy dog Roxy. She’s an Australian Shepard who loves volunteering and helping kids in the “Reading With Rover” program.

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With that in mind, Honeymoon Pixie has included a “Charity” gift category with all of their pre-built honeymoon registries. This allows wedding guests to contribute money as a wedding gift to a specific charity. Couples can add a specific charity that is meaningful to them (you can also delete this option altogether but how AWESOME is it that Andrew and Gina included it at all?). Have a moment? Check out a few of Honeymoon Pixie’s charity gift lists.

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Gah. Now I wish I had registered for The Boy and my honeymoon! How sweet would it be to know that the champagne brunch you’re enjoying is from Aunt Shirley and the snowboarding lesson was given with love from grandpa? Too cool. Is anyone in Tulle Nation registering for a honeymoon? How much do you love the services and tools that Honeymoon Pixie provides? Fire away in the comments!