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Melbourne_Laser_Cutter_Paper cut wedding invitesWhen I made the decision to purchase the laser cutter last October 2011, many ideas came to mind of ways I could utilize the machine to cut the most intricate and beautiful shapes and designs from all type of quality materials. I cut fabric, leather, acrylic, glass, wood, plywood and various other non-metals into both dainty and edgy patterns and shapes, the creative opportunities were truly endless.

I decided Wedding Invitations were something we could do brilliantly; there is something romantic about cutting delicate designs out of beautiful paper. So I collaborated with Shades of Green Creative Solutions, a Melbourne based Design Group and together we created a number of intricate template designs to suit an array of wedding themes.

Wedding Invitations

An invitation should excite your guests and set the theme to your special day without giving away too much. Our Pop Out Churches and Romantic Landscapes hint to a dreamy traditional wedding while the His and Her Wedding Rings are an amusing and original way to inform your guests of your unity.

Melbourne_Laser_Cutter_Wedding invites
Melbourne_Laser_Cutter_Group acrylic wedding invites
Melbourne_Laser_Cutter_Laser cut invites

Our designs can be cut in the material and colour of your choice and we also offer custom wedding designs to tailor invitations exactly to your liking. We work with you to design your ultimate wedding invite that captures your personality and story.

Melbourne_Laser_Cutter_laser cut inviteCustomized for You

With an abundant choice of various materials to cut with we can mock together an array of samples for you to choose from and can insure that each of the invites will be produced with precision and beauty.

Have a look on our website or email us if you wish to commission a custom design.


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