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TSB-donutminiWarm, soft, fluffy on the inside and crispy on the
outside, rolled in cinnamon and sugar and topped off with your choice of chocolate or vanilla

You ask what I am talking about. Mini donuts!  Mini donuts have been the new craze in the Dallas area! Many brides and grooms love the idea of having a
midnight snack for their guests but don’t want to offer the same typical favors to their
guests. Mini donuts are a new craze and at the same time you get the entertainment of the
mini donut station at your wedding. Guests are usually amazed by the process of the mini
donuts being fried! You get to see the mini donuts on a conveyor “belt”, being fried on
one side then automatically get flipped and fried on the other site. Once that
is done it gets flipped once more and on to the mound  of cinnamon
and sugar. The mini
donuts usually are packaged in cute small white bags and you can add a sticker
with your initials to the bag to make it more personalized, if you like. 

Guests usually hover over the station and will not leave after
smelling the mini donuts being fried. 
And, if you think that they are not healthy…well these little things
are fried in canola oil and only contain about 35 calories per mini donut!

Snack Box is located in the Dallas, Texas area and services the greater Dallas /Fort Worth areas as well as thee Austin
area. They have been really busy
trying to make brides and groom and their guests happy!
They will setup their cute portable station at the venue of your choice and provide everything you  need for the station. The stations are manned by two staff members. This company has some of the friendliest staff members you will ever have at your wedding! This company also offer other fried items like mini funnel cakes and fried  chocolate bars! And you thought you only can get these once a year at the fair. Not anymore!


The Snack Box


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