Pregnancy Brain Is Real.

One of the MOST annoying (to me), funniest (to my husband and everyone else) pregnancy-related things that I've encountered thus far has been a serious case of Pregnancy Brain. Sure, many researchers have pooh-poohed this as made-up thing but those researchers can KISS MY BUTT. It's real. I'm telling you. It's real.

For me, it started really early in the first trimester. I have always been able to multitask and have an amazing memory. I'm not in Sheldon Cooper territory but y'all, it's creepy what I can remember. My husband has completely stopped remembering stuff because all he has to do is tell me and it'll be locked in my brain. But then, enter pregnancy…

And now, I can't even remember how to layer a lasagna. Seriously. That happened. Or how about the time I forgot how to unlock the car? Or The Boy's personal favorite – that time I forgot his name. HIS NAME! We've been together for seven years AND I FORGOT HIS NAME.

Pregnancy brain isn't real, my ass.

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