Pregnancy: I’m a Glucose Tolerance Testing Failure

Pfffft. I'm done. Over it. I cannot for the life of me pass a stupid glucose tolerance pre-test. Due to my (fatty ass fat fat fat) weight and family history of diabetes, my nurse practitioner opted to have me early tested for gestational diabetes. I failed the one hour test and passed the follow-up four hour glucose test.

Fast forward to last week's 28 week appointment and I found out that I had to do a one hour glucose test AGAIN. So I sucked it up and… failed it AGAIN. Ugh. Now I'm looking down the barrel of another freaking four hour test. Which sucks since I almost vomited AND passed out during the first one (Plus, it totally wiped me out for a couple of days after and all I could do was sleep). Obviously, I'll be all concerned and shit if Baby Voldemort has gestational diabetes but in the meantime, I'm bitching about these stupid ass tests.

Did any of you failed multiple gluscose tests?