Kick Ass Wonder Woman Gear you can Amazon Prime Today

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WONDER WOMAN IS HERE!!!! I'm sorry. I might be wildly excited about it. I mean, when I was a little girl, I used to watch Lynda Carter in the TV show while wearing my Wonder Woman Underoos (there's photographic proof out there somewhere).  I adore this superhero and everything she stands for. Melanie loves her, too. She's got the Wonder Woman Super Girls Doll, the new Wonder Woman Battle Action Figure, and some Wonder Woman pajamas. I even taught her how to turn in circles after she puts her jammies on! Further proof that I may forget to feed her lunch until she tells me she's hungry but I'm totally nailing this parenting thing. We love superheroes in this house and my girl and I are beyond delighted with all the new kick ass Wonder Woman gear out there right now. In fact, we love it so much that I've rounded up a few of my absolute favorites for you that you can Amazon Prime today! Because I'm all about that instant gratification, y'all.

Kick Ass Wonder Woman Gear you can Amazon Prime Today

1. Wonder Woman Light Up Lasso

2. Wonder Woman Coffee Mug

3. Wonder Woman Glitter Cold Cup with Lid and Straw

4. Wonder Woman Battle Ready Action Figure

5. Wonder Woman Overbust Corset with Shorts

6. Wonder Woman Golden Tiara and Wonder Woman Star Cuffs