Pregnancy: Kind of Scared, Our Baby is Undersized

Up until now, I’ve mostly wrote about embarrassing pregnancy stuff, my favorites, or rude things people have said to me. Today’s post will be a little different – mostly because I’m scared. I had my 24 week check-up last Wednesday and the nurse practitioner told me that everything looked great except… Baby Voldemort was undersized. Like, WAY undersized. She’s at the 28th percentile (50% is average).

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My nurse practitioner had double checked the doctor’s findings in the ultrasound and compared them to her uterine measurements. They both agreed on her small, small size. Right now, my NP isn’t concerned about it (I asked her like, 12 times if I should be concerned) so I’m trying not to be, too. But y’all – it’s not easy. I think about it all the time. WHY is she so small? WHAT did I do? WHAT will happen? WHY me? WHY my baby? It’s scary.

The NP thinks it could a number of things: she could have an actual problem, my due date could be off, or she could just be small. Obviously, I’m rooting for the latter options. My NP said that we’re not going to stress about it (ha!) for right now. If she’s still really undersized (or has stalled growth) at my 28th week appointment then she’ll order a new ultrasound and additional testing (if necessary). So for the next few weeks, I get to worry.

I made a huge mistake and Googled “undersized baby gestation”. Um… scary. Let this be a lesson to you – DO NOT Google anything if your doctor told you not to worry! I did that and had to shut down my computer because I was starting to freak out.

Finally, I was able to calm down a bit after The Boy and I talked a little and he pointed out that all the woman in my family are on the small-structure size (we be fat but we be a small-boned fat!) at that, at 5’5” I’m a freaking giant 9I'd also like to point out that this situation is especially odd since I've gained a million pounds and I'm HUGE. How can she be SO small when I'm SO BIG?!?!)! Also, I never got an ultrasound during my first trimester (stupid insurance) so we could be a few weeks off on my due date. I’m clinging to that conversation to help me stay sane right now.

Look, we decided before we even conceived that if we had a baby, we would be grateful for whatever we got and enjoy our family in whatever shape it took. I still stand by that decision. Does it make this news any less scary? Nope. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to embrace my baby girl in whatever shape or condition we get her in. She is ours – however we get her.

Did any of you get scary news during your pregnancy and how did you handle it?