Real Wedding: Mae and Andy’s Vineyard Fete (With Their Dogs!)

Okay, remember how y'all helped me chose the perfect outfit for my bridesmaid and friend Mae's wedding in California? And remember how I promised that I'd share her GORGE vineyard wedding with you? Well, wait no longer – ladies and gentlemen, may I present…

Mae and Andy's Vineyard Fete (with their dogs!):

Getting Ready 
First Look 
The Girls 
Images Courtesy of: BR Photography

Love it? Cool! 'Cause I've got LOTS more where this came from and an interview with the bride on how she planned and paid for the entire thing while attending graduate school! In the meantime, Mae wanted everyone to know that she loved having her dogs in the wedding (they walked down the aisle with one of the bridesmaids) and that she made their incredibly cute collars!

Congrats Mae and Andy – now go forth and make red-headed babies.